Best HDR Gaming Monitors 2022, and Learn What Fake HDR Monitors to Avoid


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I don't know how accurate my monitor's HDR1000 is, but it sure is bright. In fact it's so bright that while I occasionally use it to wow a friend, I've mostly stopped using it for myself. The breaking point was when I realized I was actively avoiding using my most powerful ability in a game (a fast grenade launcher) because the explosions made my eyes hurt too much.

So I guess for me the question is not just all the ones asked in this article, but also if you really want that much firepower in a monitor that is inches from your retina.


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Well, god did give you two for a reason; why not give up one in a good cause?

In any case, since all QD-OLEDs displays -- and in fact all current 4K OLEDs -- are HDR already, you won't have to choose between them.
Excellent point! I actually prefer 1440p when using 27" to 32" monitors. I've had UHD monitors, and Windows scaling has to be set to 150% to use them, and that sometimes causes issues. Now a 2880p monitor could be scaled to 200% which should work well.