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Mar 25, 2006
  1. Very simple question, I be grateful of all informed opinions:

    Which is the best internet security package?

    I've been using NIS 2005 for a year now, due for update. Not massively impressed; slows down PC, had an install error at startup for 3 months, support appalling, home networking configuration a dog.

    I'd rather have a combined package (I'm not a complete *****, but don't have the expertise, time or interest to mess around).

    Looked for reviews on internet, can't find any unbiased review, or one that isn't contradicted by user reviews. (ZoneAlarm seems to be out of favour also now)

    I'm interested in a balance between value and effectiveness.

    I'd consider multiple recommendations, i.e. firewall by one manufacturer, AV by another- if other users are comfortable with their compatibility (see above comments re: my interest in subject)

    I need 3 licences, NIS is trying to charge me a fortune for something I'm not that happy with.

    I trust the range of opinion I usually find on this site more than others, I just need a simple question answering please. Thanks in advance.
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  3. GRM100

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    Thanks for help
    I'm starting to narrow down the options now. I respect your assistance and superior knowledge, but confusion abounds for a novice like myself. For instance the AV you recommend is rubbished in this review:

    Have you any comment on the legitimacy of the opinion in the link above

    To reiterate; I don't mind paying (if I must) for the s/w (with the exception that it is needed to guard against cr@p from the lowest dregs on the planet) if necessary- I just want value and efficiency for minimal system disruption and required intervention. :confused:

    Thank you
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    Never heard of them, and what they are saying is total rubbish. That website was last updated in 2004!
    Fact: AVG incl. the free version, gets updated at least once a DAY.
    Fact: AVG received the VB100% award in the test of Virus Bulletin in February 2006.
    Fact: hundreds, if not thousands, of members of this forum (incl. myself) trust and run AVG Free
    Fact: if you stay away from dodgy websites and don't use IE, AVG, in combination with any of a number of free or paid-for firewalls, is more than adequate to protect your PC.
  5. GRM100

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    Thank you for your advice, I'm very grateful. I'll give it a go. :grinthumb

    One more question if I could:

    I'd trusted the "complete" packages mainly because of all the other security features- my young son has a PC connected and I like the idea of him being protected against unsavory website content, etc.

    When I look at my current Norton package, I can't distinguish between certain package elements; i.e.: what the difference between a firewall and intrusion protection?

    I've seen McAfee Internet Security 2006 V8 OEM for a paltry £8.21 (which is incredibly cheap). Is it still better to be looking at these individual components (mentioned in the responses above), referring to my concerns regarding my sons PC.

    My thanks in advance for any advice forthcoming.
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    Keep your eyes on your son's PC-activities by having his PC in e.g. the living-room, not in his own room. Make sure he has been informed about the perils of the WWW.
    Look at these links, then take your pick, based on age and requirements.
    You can never 'protect' your children all the way, only rear them in such a way that they respect and follow the advice given them by their elders.
    If he wants to go and visit off-the-wall websites, there's very little you can do about it when he is away from home!
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