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Jun 21, 2010
  1. I'm using a Logitech performance laser wireless. Black Cordless Ergonomic Desktop Wave

    I keep getting dead spots all over my desk. Batteries are fresh. Got the USB plugged in the back of the computer, not into the cord that plugs into the computer. (See pic)
    I've tried running it into the USB cord and still have dead spots.
    Playing poker can be a pain when I can't click one of the buttons. I multi-table a lot, so I need something that's going to work great. I've always liked Logitech but would be willing to try another brand if it's better!
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    Techspot just did a roundup on just this subject. I was just reading through it and saw your post, thought I should let you know. There is a couple of Logitech ones there, it is about owning a gaming mouse though.
  3. raybay

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    First, get the perfect fit for your hand. Once it is comfortable, there are at least 21 mouse choices. There are many good brands, so you don't have to select a no-name with no warranty track.
  4. slh28

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    Try putting the receiver closer to the keyboard/mouse instead of in the back of your computer (I'm not really sure what you mean about running into the cord).

    Anyway I've always found Logitech to be very reliable for general use.
  5. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    @Droid0131 just noticed a cheap mouse here "downunder" maybe stocked local to you too? Sorry you're not the first person "I've" informed but hey you know now -lol
  6. hellokitty[hk]

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    Poker is a demanding game, you need pinpoint precision and ultra high response time.
    Any mouse that feels comfortable will do just fine, they usually don't fail. I personally prefer wired mouses compared to wireless.
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