Best router, PoE switch for VOIP, Bloomberg?

By Aqualinx
Nov 12, 2008
  1. Hi and thanks for looking! I am trying to devise a solution for a new VOIP & Bloomberg installation at my small office, and am looking for suggestions of what networking hardware is best to buy. Any suggestions as far as setup are greatly appreciated too.

    My contemplated setup/requirements below:

    - Dual WAN with load balancing for reliability & to help ensure VOIP quality (Comcast cable & Embarq DSL)
    - VPN capable (min. 4 connections, to installed RV042's)
    - good QoS (to prioritize VOIP)
    - VLAN? (to segregate VOIP)
    - PoE (for IP phones) would be nice
    - good integrated firewall

    6 connections to the router (thinking RV082): server, Bloomberg terminal, VOIP PBX, WAP, workgroup multifunction Xerox, & PoE switch (thinking SRW2008MP).

    7 IP phones would connect to PoE switch (thinking SRW2008MP)

    Again, any thoughts, suggestions, different setups to provide better performance, reliability, security & value greatly appreciated!

    P.S. using Belkin N1 as current router/firewall/WAP, would just connect as WAP unless suggested better solution out there - this all is quite a move up for us! The VPN connections are for client nursing home facilities in Oklahoma and Indiana. I am strongly leaning towards a TalkSwitch 248vs unless anyone here suggests otherwise, possibly Asterisk?
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