Best way to migrate to Sharepoint

We are tasked to migrate over 22TB of data from a Company which uses MS 365 to our Tenant. What tool will work for this? ShareGate,Gs Richcopy 360 or Azcopy? Also, will there be a way to migrate over shared links from OneDrive?

There are a few options that could work for migrating large amounts of data from one Office 365 tenant to another:

- ShareGate : This is a dedicated migration tool for Office 365 and SharePoint. It can migrate content between SharePoint online sites, OneDrive accounts, Teams, Groups and more. It has capabilities to migrate permissions, metadata, versions etc. ShareGate can migrate shared links from OneDrive.

- GS Richcopy 360: This is another migration tool that supports large-scale data transfers. It offers features like multi-threading, delta copying, and real-time file synchronization. While it's not specifically designed for Office 365 migrations, it can still be used for transferring data to your tenant.

- Azure Data Box : You can copy data to an Azure Data Box appliance and ship it to Microsoft, who will then ingest it into your Azure tenant and SharePoint online. This works for large migrations where uploading over the network is not feasible. It does not migrate permissions/metadata.

- Azure Data Factory : You can use ADF to orchestrate data movement from various sources into SharePoint online. Works for automated, ongoing migrations.

- Robocopy : For file share migrations you can use robocopy or other file copy tools to copy the data and then upload it. Does not maintain
P metadata/permissions.

- Azcopy : this is a command-line tool provided by Microsoft Azure. It is designed for efficient data transfers to and from Azure storage. Although Azcopy is not specifically built for Office 365 migrations, you can use it to transfer data to your Azure storage account and then import it into Office 365.

- PowerShell : You can use PowerShell scripts to migrate content between SharePoint sites and tenants. Requires more manual work but can maintain metadata/permissions.

For a one-time 22TB migration, I would probably recommend using Gs Richcopy360 or ShareGate to maintain fidelity. The Gs Richcopy could move that amount of data faster with permissions but ShareGate would allow more fine-grained migration with full permissions/metadata. You'll want to test performance to see which option works best based on your specific data and time requirements.
Thanks for the detailed summary of the different options for migrating large amounts of data from one Office 365 tenant to another.I agree that ShareGate or GS Richcopy360 would be the best options for a one-time 22TB migration, as they both allow for high-speed transfers and can maintain permissions and metadata.

Many thanks