Bf2 Crash Help?

By kubow23
Jul 5, 2007
  1. Ok well I just recently installed the whole bf2 package and all the booster packs. They installed fine and the game starts up, but when I load a multi or single player server it will start loading then bf2 just crashs and exits out. Ive tried reinstalling many times and right clicking and runnin as admin., but it still does the same thing. When I load the multi server a pop up thing comes up and says something about a memory and ask to retry or continues and then it exits out. Any suggestions?
  2. Neyla

    Neyla TS Rookie Posts: 21

    I mentioned this in a different thread, but I think you should double-check that you have everything the game needs to run smoothly. Make sure you have enough memory and speed(you probabaly do though) and if the game needs certain programs, like Sims 2 needs DirectX 9.0, then you would need to get them. I'm not much of help because I don't know what bf2 is(haha big surprise lol) to be blunt, but I'm thinking that maybe with all that you have installed, like the boosters, etc., that it is all slowing it down and taking up memory. That's just my opinion because that happens with my computer too so that's why I don't have any games on(no Sims 2 :[[ ). I know, I'm not much of help. Haha. XD
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