BF2 installation problems (complex)

By kmat
Apr 24, 2006
  1. ok im really quite unknowledgeable with pc's so i may need quite alot of help here anyway,

    i bought BF" when it first came out and had it running fine for what must be a year hadnt played it for a while and accidentally the entire hard drive file got put in recycle bin by an ***** then it got umptied and all the files ahve been lost but heres the problem. not all the files where in there and the file thats still left is what communicates with the pc telling it that it has been installed so i cannot install it at the moment nor can i uninstall it because it needs another file to do that.

    i have tried searching for any files with battlefield in in it and any under ea/battlefield but cant find it. its small only 30mb roughly and its made impossible to reinstall and i cannot uninstall it either so please help me.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Try using a program like Registry Mechanic to fix the registry, coz I think that the installation left some files in ur registry and that is screwing aroud with the installation. But alternatively, try going to Start Menu>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and if u see BF2 there, then try and remove it from there.
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