BF2 stuck on 15 fps

By gabrielstan
Oct 9, 2005
  1. I have a major problem and I cannot figure out why.

    CPU: Intel 3.0 Ghz HT
    RAM: Patriot 4X512 Mb
    HD: 2X200 Gb Maxtor PATA
    OS: Windows Media Center 2005
    VIDEO: nVidia FX5500 or 6600GT

    I have tried setting up the 2 video cards listed in this desktop and another one, which I built with an Intel MB for comparison.
    When I run BF2 I get a fixed 15 FPS, the way I mesure the fps is with the following command: "renderer.drawfps 1" in the game console. The fps is fixed it never goes up or down no matter what I do and the game it is extremelly slow.
    With a similar configuration on the Intel MB I get normal behavior, fps dependent on the video card as well as the map loaded or the game action and is in average above 30fps.
    I have tried several versions of nVidia drivers both for WinMCE or WinXP with the same results. Even if I overclock the video cards I am always stuck on 15fps.
    This does not make any sense.
    It appears to be a some sort of limitation by either nVidia drivers in WinMCE or even with WinMCE itself.
    I have no reason to suspect any installation problems or inteferance from other programs since I tried disabling just about all of them; the only difference it appears to be the OS.

    Any toughts? :knock:
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    The 6600GT should be performing better than this, but the 5500- sounds fairly normal. BF2 is very shader heavy and shader performance for the 5500 is pretty low/poor.

    I'd remove the 5500 and concentrate solely on the 6600GT. Use driver cleaner pro ( and follow it's instructions to ensure drivers for the 5500 are fully removed and try the latest Forceware from NVidia (

    Also, make sure you have VSYNC disabled in the drivers and the game. VSYNC can curb framerates unusually depending upon refresh rate. If the resolution/monitor you are playing on is set to 60hz.. 15 fps will be solid for any framerate under 29fps due to vsync. BF2 is a fairly taxing game, so framerates of 25-29 fps may be the case with that system depending on your game settings, with VSYNC locking it at 15fps.
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