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BIG problem with emachines video and sound cards, please help!

By waterphoenixfir
Mar 6, 2008
  1. I have an emachines, about two years old, with an orginal Vista on it (I know, sounds scary already.) So... lately, my sound has been icky. Like, staticy and I can't do any phone calls on the computer itself, or telephone conferences or anything sound oriented, and it blew one of my speakers while it wasn't even that loud, with an enormous squeal out of nowhere. It gets better. My screen has been freaking out lately... like, it'll change sizes, colours, whatever it wants, in the middle of me doing something (usually important, real fun.) Should I scrap it, change the video and sound card, or is there something else wrong that I could fix? PLEASE help. Be simple, I don't know anything about the hard part of the computer, only whats on the screen. Thanks, so so much ^^

    -- Phoebe

    (Sorry about the caps lock, I would have done italics, but once again... they never work on my computer. Even on forums)
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,325   +101

    Are they both integrated? It would help if you could provide more information, such as a model number.

    It sounds like the perfect description for some form of resource conflict, however, I'm not sure how likely that is.
  3. waterphoenixfir

    waterphoenixfir TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm... well... I think they are integrated. I bought the computer with them already... gosh, I'm horrible with computers. I'm not at home right now, but I... I'll /try/ to update as much information as I can. Thanks!
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