BIG usb drive problem....

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Feb 16, 2007
  1. When i plug in certain things into any of my usb drives my whole computer freezes....
    its not all things, like i can plug in my camera and my older mp3 player without a problem but when i try to use the brand new mp3 player i just bought the whole computer freezes. This also happens when i try to use my usb flash drive....

    Is it my computer? or is there something wrong with the brand new mp3 player i just bought?
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Make sure you have all the proper Windows Updates. Another question, which i have seen this quite often, after plugging in your device that makes the computer freeze, if you unplug it does it unfreeze? Once you test this, and check for windows updates get back to me and i will try to assist you.
  3. -_-

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    Yes, all my windows updates are up to date.
    and no, once it freezes and I take it out, it will not un-freeze
  4. -_-

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    help? anyone? -_____-
  5. Tedster

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    you probably either have an underpowered or faulty PSU or faulty USB line or you are plugging a 2.0 device into a 1.1 USB that is sucking too much power.
  6. -_-

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    so what should i do? >_<
  7. Tedster

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    um, did you read my reply?
    If you only have USB 1.1, get a USB 2.0 card.
    If you have USB 2.0, replace the PSU.
  8. daniel161

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    Sometimes our Epson cx6400 will freeze up crashing the computer, unplugging the printer power or USB will fix the problem. So..... Possibly a bad .mp3 player?

    --Daniel L
  9. -_-

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    uhmmm whats a psu o_o
    *yes im stupid*
  10. cfitzarl

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    PSU = Power Supply Unit, it's the thing that you put the plug into. It supplies power to all of the computer components. Freezing is a symptom of an underpowered power supply.
  11. jobeard

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    The USB specification is 500ma per device. If the power requirement of your
    HD is more than that, it must have external power provided to it.
    It's almost for certain that a USB HD will require more than this!
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