big video problems please help ati x1300 pro

By blentz
Jul 1, 2006
  1. first i have a home built computer with a k7mnf-64 motherboard, that is a emachine board it is running a 2500+ at 1800 mhz. it has a 512 and a 256 memory. i was running very well when i put in a mx440 64 mb video card and then i got a fx5200 that was no good at all. so i went and got a ati radeonx1300 pro and now i have everything fffff up. it said to uninstall old video drivers and disable the on board video so i did and now i get not a thing. it does boot up and i have got windows bar on the on board video or the old video card but when windows starts the screen is blank, i hear the windows logon but that is it. if i but the 1300 in i get no video, please help i think i have the latest driver for the motherboard, but not sure. i just need to get the video back on first.
  2. iss

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    to begin with if you were allready using video cards there was no need to disable onboard graphics they were allredy disabled if you have onboard graphics. my guess is you disabled the wrong thing in the bios. reset the cmos, unplug the computer and remove the cmos battery let it set for several minutes then put the battery back in a boot up.
  3. blentz

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    i have done that, but it is not in the bios it is in windows, i have tried safe mode and all that. right now i loaded in a another windows xp so when i boot my computer i have a to chose between two. the one is new and the other is my old one which as all my stuff on it.
  4. iss

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    so instead of disabling onboard graphics in the bios, you disabled the graphics that were in the device manager in windows? You were allready using video cards and not onboard graphics, so the onboard was allready disabled, that means it would NOT be showing up in device manager. more than likely what you disabled in device manager was your AGP port.

    enter the bios and re enable your onboard graphics, then connect your monitor to the onboard graphics and boot. once in widows renable the graphics you disabled in device manager. then you can diasable the onboard again and load the drivers for your video card.
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