Bing 2.0 to be rolled out next week?

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Matthew DeCarlo

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Bing has had a busy few months, but if recent rumors hold any weight, a facelift may be just around the corner. Mary-Jo Foley over at ZDNet caught wind of a few Tweets that came from Microsoft's annual company meeting, which are hinting that Redmond may roll out "Bing 2.0" this fall -- and possibly as early as next week.

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Two of the Twitter pages don't work. Probably MS took them out.
Bing has so far been pretty successful and with 2.0 it might get even more buzz.


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Good for BING... We need some competition. I mainly use Google but BING is decent and I no longer reset peoples search options to Google from Microsoft.


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I like Google's search tweaks that allow me to put words in quotes to search for an exact phrase and not just a smattering of terms. Like the following terms give better results at Google: Stargate SG1 "Season 5" "boxed set". Bing results aren't as accurate, but they get close. (My example probably can be more illuminating, but I'm not feeling well today.) I hope in Bing 2.0 they can tighten up the results.
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