bios not rcognising my hard drive

By strongbow235
Feb 26, 2006
  1. i recently tried to upgrade a friends pc from windows me to xp i created a new primary dos partition on the drive then went to reformat as directed but now the bios wont recognise the hard drive and fdisk tells me there are no fixed disks present. according to windows website this old pc does meet the system requirements for xp so does anyone know whats causing this problem?
  2. strongbow235

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    more info

    just an update to give you a bit more information to work with the cpu is a pentium 2 mmx 350mhz 128mb ram i think the motherboard is a jetway and the hard drive is 4.11gb i have tried putting my spare 20 gb hard drive in which it recognises but will still only read it as being 4.11gb any ideas ? i think the bios are award v7.xban if that helps :confused:
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