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Jan 5, 2006
  1. Hello all. I've trawled through the FAQ's and looked through the threads, but could not anything pertaining to my particular setup. I have a PC Chips M848alu Socket A motherboard in which I have recently dropped in a Sempron 2600+ processor to replace the Athlon XP I recently fried (don't ask!). The problem is that when I fire up the computer, it is recognised as an Athlon XP 2200+

    How do I set the BIOS on this particular motherboard so that it runs as 2600+? I have read on the internet that I need to use an 11x multiplier, but I'm lost; the closest to that that I see in the BIOS is 10:9. I have set the frequency to 166Mhz as suggested elsewhere on the net with the multiplier set to 1:1. With this setting it runs as a 2200+ but I want to get the full capacity out of the processor. Any idea, anyone, what settings i need to use? Thanks.
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    You may need to upgrade your bios in order for your mobo to recognise your Sempron cpu.

    Check on your mobo manufacturers website for a bios upgrade.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  3. Jaquio

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    Yeap... late MoBos dont know that there is a Sempron brand out there LOL...

    Just Flash the Newest Bios... and that should make it :

    Regards from Panama :D
  4. Kevjonlyn

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    Thanks for that. Ok, so i've gone to the PC Chips website and downloaded the stuff I need to flash the BIOS. However, the instructions were written in such appallingly bad English that I don't dare attempt the procedure in case I end up wrecking the computer again!

    The flash utility I downloaded consists of two files; an .EXE file which I have renamed BIOSFLSH and a file called m848a16.rom
    I have placed both of these files in a special setup partition that I have; it's FAT32 so I can access the contents from DOS.

    All I need to know is, how do i go about using these two files to safely flash and update my BIOS?
  5. kodrutz

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    Best way is to put them on a floppy or a USB drive used to boot, then usually after you boot you have to use them like
    a:\<exe-file> <rom-file> <ENTER>
    That should do it!
  6. Kevjonlyn

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    DONE!! Flashed the BIOS as per the instructions and it went like a dream! And have learnt a new skill to boot! Processor is now recognised for the Sempron that it is, and runs at the correct speed!

    Now only one issue remains. I downloaded and installed MOTHERBOARD MONITOR 5 to keep tabs on the processor temperature. If I examain the temperature in the BIOS it states that the CPU is running at around 34c. However, once i go into Windows, MOTHERBOARD MONITOR shows the CPU running at a steady 64c. Why the 30c difference? And does 64c sound too hot? I have read posts where people with similar CPU's have them running at 43c! What am I doing wrong?
  7. schnewb

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    I used the exact same motherboard for a good few months and i always found motherboard monitor 5 gave some wierd readings. I found speedfan gave honest readings to a certain extent. Temp 1 will be the cpu and the rest are bogus apart from the hdd temps.

    Hope this helps

  8. Kevjonlyn

    Kevjonlyn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for that Sean! I installed Speedfan and have found that it gives the same readings that I get from the BIOS. Excellent! And there was me thinking that I was about to fry a second CPU!!
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