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BIOS will not post

By zSenateKT ยท 6 replies
Nov 10, 2010
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  1. I have been trying to fix this issue for months now with no luck, this post is my last resort before I just scrap the entire thing and give up.

    One day all of a sudden my computer will no longer boot. All the fans and LED's start but it doesn't boot to bios, nothing just a black screen on the monitor. I recently purchased a second cpu thinking it would fix my issue but did not.

    Here is a list of the hardware I own and I have tried every combination you can think of and still nothing.

    2 PSU's - RaidMax 550 psu / Generic 500 watt psu
    2 motherboards - Abit UL8 / Asus A8V-mx
    2 socket 939 AMD 3800+ X2
    2 sticks of 512mb corsair pc3200
    2 video cards - AGP ati x800 xtpe / onboard video
    2 hard drives - WD 120 gig SATA / 80GB maxtor IDE

    So I have tried building my system with every combination of the hardware listed above and I cant seem to get it to work. When I use the abit mobo all the fans and lights come on but i do not get a bios post beep and nothing happens. When I build it with the Asus mobo the LED's flash on and the fans act like they are going to start but then don't.

    I have tried building the system outside of the case, same result. Tried running it on one stick of RAM and no RAM at all. Ive tried all the dumb little things, switching my power cable, switching my serge protector. I'm stumped on what to do next...
  2. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,445   +349

    Ignoring the all of a sudden part, and this may sound condescending, but you are making sure that you're plugging in the 4 pin power connector? Usually when the computer starts up but "no one is home" or flashes on then off is because either there is not enough power getting to the system, or SOMETHING important is not properly seated, but if you've been installing and reinstalling in attempt to fix it, the seating issue might not be case.

    Addressing the all of a sudden part, the processor might have gone bad, but that sometimes throws a POST error. Pretty much the only thing that is not changing is the Processor, so if you have been trying every other combination, that might be the problem if it is faulty hardware.
  3. zSenateKT

    zSenateKT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes I have connected the 4 pin power connector. I have reassembled the machine probably 20 times now. The CPU has been changed, since I had tested everything but a new CPU I figured it was the CPU as well. I ordered a new one and received it last night. I installed it and got the same results I am lost for answers.

    500 watts should be plenty to power my system with my back up PSU correct? My main PSU is a 550watt raidmax and has been running stable in the system for the past three years. I feel like I have tested everything the only thing I don't have extra is RAM but I have two 512 mb sticks and have tried running each one independently.
  4. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,445   +349

    500/550 watts should be more than plenty for your hardware, so with all the internal power cables connected, there shouldn't be a problem supplying power unless the PSU is going bad/is dead.

    The last thing I can immediately think of is changing the electrical outlet you are connecting your computer/monitor to for grins (or moving the surge protector they are plugged into).

    Considering the fact that you are trying with multiple parts that can be switched out, it seems unlikely (though still possible) that both motherboards, or both PSUs, or both processors, or both memory sticks are bad, and taking your parts OUT of your computer case generally rules out a short between the case and the motherboard.

    Anyone else have any ideas I'm not thinking of?
  5. zSenateKT

    zSenateKT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i feel like I've tried everything. I almost have enough parts to build two computers and I can't even get one working. This is crazy I don't get it.......

    Just tried removing everything and swaping motherboadrs again praying for a merricle, didn't work.
  6. zSenateKT

    zSenateKT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Bump, I need help!
  7. mayokittens

    mayokittens TS Rookie

    dont know if you are still around, but have you checked to make sure the mobo is not grounding out on the chassis? that can cause your issues

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