BIOS won't see DVD Drive & corrupt OS

By sumsouljah
Jun 7, 2008
  1. I was installing Windows XP (Had Vista Before) on my friends laptop for the second time today because the first installation was giving me BSOD so I decided to do a full format this time as I thought that would help, As It was formatting the power cut off on the notebook and we went to go hook it up to the power and when we did the OS was corrupt (of course) So I tried to boot off CD and when I did I got some file error about not being on the CD I thought the disc was dirty at the point (which it was) so I cleaned it. When I went back to the settings screen there was no DVD Drive to select to put in Boot Order, Its almost as if its disappeared. This is a LG E500 Notebook and the Drive is connected because when I put a disc in I hear it whirling away...

    Please Help, Thanks.
  2. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    did u check in the BIOS to see if everything was right. I have never worked on a laptop but in some BIOSes there are settings that if they get set wrong will make the C-D or DVD not be seen.
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