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By Phantasm66
Jul 7, 2004
  1. The problem of spyware not exactly news (unfortunately), and neither is this article on removing it but we get so many posts about this problem I thought it was worth posting here.

    Arstechnica have a nice article on USB 2.0 Hi-speed Flash drives, as well as a look at Intel's Processor Number Schema which is also worth a look.

    Bjorn3d have an article on SATA RAIDing With Maxtor, something I did myself just recently. They also have a review of the Maxtor 120GB DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA HDD as well, so you can really do your homework on that.

    Finally, if you think you can stomach it, there an article on killing a motherboard from ExtremeTech. I can already smell that burning plastic in the air....
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