Black screen after Nvidia graphic card driver installation

By YoshiII
May 18, 2010
  1. Hello,

    I recently purchased a new [/contents/pc/carte-graphique.php3 video card] geforce gt 240 DDR3 since my old one died a few weeks ago. The PC I have is a Dell Inspiron 530 purchased on Dec 2007 with a windows vista system. When I inserted the new card in and plug the video cable to the new card, I can get into the system with a pretty bad resolution. Then I installed the driver from the cd and was asked to reboot the system. Then the problem poped up: I can see the boot up screen and even the screen of the process bar with windows vista, but then it showed me a blank or black screen and wouldnt show me the welcome screen to input my password. But I can still get into the safe mode with a video.
    I have been searching around for a solution and tried several things:

    First, I went to the safe mode and uninstalled the video card driver; then i rebooted and the system can load, just like I didn't install the driver; then in the system windows automatically installed the driver for the new card. I checked the device manager, it can recognize GT 240, but with an attention mark says: Code 1, the device is not configured correctly. Then I was asked to reboot the system. The same problem happened when I rebooted and I could not get into the system just like before.

    Second, i got to know that somebody recommended to change the PCIe settings in the [/contents/pc/bios.php3 BIOS]. I then got into the bios (version 1.0.7) but I could not find the PCIe settings. There were only a few settings available in the bios:

    The first display: [/contents/pratique/carteres.php3 PCI] or PCIe : I tried both
    Memory size: 8Mb
    Mode: Fixed or DVMB: I tried both
    Max Memory size: 256MB

    I do not know what to do next. Can someone help me?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Did you use anything like Drivwer Sweeper to make sure all older drivers were completely uninstalled before installing the newer drivers?
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