Black screen at boot after updating video driver

  1. I know just enough about tech stuff to be dangerous as my situation will show:
    Computer is Dell Inspiron e1705
    XP media center. 100 gb 5400rpm Sata hard drive
    Nvidia GeForce go 7800
    Received blue screen error nv4-dsp
    Updated driver for Nvidia GeForce go to 2009 version off Nvidia website
    Worked great for 2 days
    3rd day got blue screen error hardware malfunction call your hardware vendor for support nmi:parity check memory parity error system has halted
    Shut down upon reboot got windows with lines through it screen a few mins then nmi error again
    After several tries was able to get into safe mode (even safe mode screen was distorted). Shut it down and next day was able to get into safe mode in clear screen
    After choosing my os in safe mode got full page of errors which started with partition2/windows/system32/drive and other such errors (have photo of screen ) if needed
    Let me continue so went into device mgr and rolled back driver (saw it change from 2009 to 2005) in device mgr
    Then shut down and upon reboot it hung for a long time and then booted into windows with lines and the desktop not fully displayed. Then got blue screen error nv4-dsp Shut down again and started up this time black screen. Got windows sound but only black screen. Tried to reboot 2 more times with same result. Please help!!! What do I do???
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    The motherboard may be the cause of the error. The Nvidia video is part of it
  3. bazz2004

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    This comes up as a gaming laptop with a replaceable video card. I'd say Tmagic is correct and the problem is likely with a failed graphics card. They can be replaced as the 7800 isn't soldered onto the motherboard but that would be a job for a specialist. Maybe it's time to replace the laptop. I've found a link that gives an idea of what would be involved in a repair and I'd guess it would be expensive to have done. Of course it could be something else that's wrong.

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