Black screen + cant delete programs or free up gigs

By bobbinthread
Aug 11, 2007
  1. Hello everyone, I'm encountering quite the problem that I hope will be much easier to solve than it seems.

    Noticing that I only had 10 gigs left on my pc, I decided to get foobar to rid myself of programs like quicktime and itunes. I deleted itunes, quicktime, adobe, yahoo nonsense, etc and rebooted. Everything fine... but then I notice... my disk space has not increased one bit. It remained at 10 gigs free. I go to delete more programs, and suddenly, my add/remove programs is only showing five programs(some of which were not listed originally, while most are missing), and doesn't let me delete them. The add remove programs shows everything as usual, such as size and how often used, but doesn't show the option to delete the programs. The programs are as follows:

    HpSdpAppCoreApp (..what? This wasn't here.. what is this!?) And doesn't show file size. Simply says "Used: Rarely"

    then Java 2 runtime enviroment, SE v1.4.2_03 (was in the orginal list, but I don't even remember downloading it to begin with) Says its used rarely and that it is 135MB

    Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 (what?) Used: rarely Size: 37.07MB

    Microsoft Visual J# .Net Redistributable package 1.1 (dont recall this in my orginal list of programs)

    Record Now (cd burner)

    WebFldrs XP (dont recall this in the list, and I don't know what it is!!) Used: Rarely

    So, I decide to run my AVG program, nothing shows up (but that doesn't mean anything, anyway.)

    Frustrated, I restore my system to a previous point. Takes forever, then boots up normally, but instead of login, it is a black screen while my monitor acts as if there is an imagine on the screen. (much like if there was a video card or refresh rate problem)

    Eventually I get it to boot in safemode. After booting it in safemode, I don't do anything and simply restart the comp, and am able to log into windows normally. So I begin to delete things again, same scenario. I resort to system restore again, and not only do i have to go through the black screen crap again, but I only have 7 gigs of space left. Deleting programs does not free up space, and simply causes the same pattern to happen.

    I'm frustrated and ready to throw this crap heap out the window.

    Anyone have any ideas here? and I really don't want to do system restore again, either. Is this a virus? Something I'm doing...? Or maybe my computer just really likes the programs I'm trying to get rid of.

    Help please :)
  2. bobbinthread

    bobbinthread TS Rookie Topic Starter

    .....any ideas...??? -_-;;
  3. pejung

    pejung TS Rookie

    do u use reg cleaner/others reg manag. program(tune up util.etz..)?I thinks it help us delete registry of old program.
    the last u might to format and clean install new windows.
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