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Black screen crash

By joewhite
Apr 4, 2007
  1. Hi, I'm new here and I really hate joining just because I have a problem but I figured I'd ask people who knew more about computers than I do. I have a basic knowledge and can usually troubleshoot my way through issues but I'm stumped on this one.

    I'm experiencing black screen crashes. Here are some pics of them...PIC 1 and PIC 2 (close-up). As you can see, there appears to be scrambled text. I cannot alt-ctrl-delete my way out of here, all I can do is hit the reset button.

    I just built the computer and am running XP SP2. I get these crashes randomly. It happens about twice a day while while light multi-tasking to even just viewing one IE window.

    I've run virus and adware checks with nothing out of the ordinary.

    I've installed the proper drivers for the mother board using the install cd.

    I did notice that my hard drive is a tad bit noisy. It clicks upon every action on the mouse and keyboard. This may or may not be directly related but I thought I would point that out. It's not super loud but noticeable.

    Any help with this would really be appreciated!! Thanks and please let me know if more system info is needed.

  2. Rickman45

    Rickman45 TS Rookie

    Hey Joe:
    Are you using an intergrated graphics from your motherboard or a installed graphics card? if your using onboard graphics, I would uninstall any or all graphic drivers, confirm the drivers you need first, download them from the
    maker of the mobo or graphics card maker, disable your antivirus before you
    install any drivers as a rule! Also you maybe experiencing some type of power
    corruption, like your hard drive, powersupply, or a weak or poor connection or
    a chip set over heating in your VGA, I would power down and check connections from your powersupply and re-seat any installed cards attached
    to your motherboard, feel free to send me a message and I will try to help you
    any way I can! Rickman45
  3. joewhite

    joewhite TS Rookie Topic Starter

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