Black screen startup 8800 gts

By ganjaker
Feb 7, 2014
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  1. I have a prob,whit a geforce 8800 gts 512mb.

    I got it from a secondhand site and all was alright till I started to overclock

    Nothing big,oc at 16% and the temp was 60*C wich aint so high.But when I started the pc next day,I got only black screen,no bios no safe mod no nothing.

    I have a
    pentium D 805 2.66
    gigabyte ga-8i945pl-g as mobo
    500 mb ram drr II/ 4 slotsX 500=2gb
    acopia dual fan it-25f2 -psu

    I know the mobo aint dead cuz I tested with my other gpu,and it worked
    Did a bios reset-still black screen
    changed the ram position
    tried with other monitor
    dvi-vga adapter works(I tested on the other gpu)
    Nothing worked

    I noticed that now when I start the pc,the gpu fan speed doesn't change I mean its at 100% but when I had a image on the screen at the start up,the fan speed was at 100% only for 3 sec,then it changed lets say at 50% after those 3 sec.

    should I try the bake fix or its a certain dead card?

    Sry for my spelling mistakes hope u can give me an answer cheers.

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