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black screen - Toshiba notebook - boots fine with external monitor

By cc5916 ยท 5 replies
Jan 22, 2006
  1. So my 2 year old satellite screen appears "dead". The system boots fine (XP) and I can see everything when attached to external monitor.

    Is this video connection? screen? other? where should I have this repaired? THanks.
  2. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315


    Are you sure that you have not accidently switched to mode where your laptop is only displaying to external monitor. you should find instructions in handbook. See if both external monitor and Main screen show up on display properties, make sure you know how to switch back to your external monitor if it does not automatically find and display on external monitor first.

    if the default monitor montor setting is not the problem then your screen has failed and you will need to have your screen replaced. if you still have warranty then send it back to manufacturer or where you purchaced it from.

    No warranty? then take to local computer shop, (shop around dont just go to PC World or major outlet)
    Laptop displays are very expensive.
  3. cc5916

    cc5916 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks - the reason I hooked up the external monitor is because the screen was black - I did check the manual - I'm OK. I read somewhere that if the screen is totally black - it isn't a screen problem - something inside the laptop?
  4. Shadowrunner

    Shadowrunner TS Rookie Posts: 94

    Ive seen this one before. You're screen's fukt...
  5. loupegarou

    loupegarou TS Rookie Posts: 39

    just to check

    Did you try the function key plus the key used to change from external?
  6. skarmory2002

    skarmory2002 TS Rookie Posts: 43

    I had this same problem with my laptop once. I hooked it up to an external monitor and entered the bios. I found the monitor settings, and it was set to CRT instead of LCD (laptop monitoras are LCD screens) so I changed it back to LCD, and it worked fine from tthen on. Check that out and see if there is a difference.
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