Black Screen With Cursor on Windows-7

Navin Talati

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In my system Win-7 OS upon boot shows only BLACK screen with just a CURSOR arrow! There is no effect of R or L click of the mouse. Arrow can simply moved my mouse. Nothing else could be done.

Following options appearing by pressing F8 key upon boot:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with with Command Prompt

Enable Boot logging
Enable Low-resolution video (640X480)
Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)
Directory Services Restore Mode
Debugging Mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Start Windows Normally

I tried all the above options but the result is nil! Ctrl+Alt+Delete has also no effect. Nothing appears on the screen even using/pressing Shift or Win-Key. I googled and tried different methods suggested, but the result is NIL.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Navin Talati / 13-03-2021


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This is the symptom of hardware failure, specifically the hard disk drive. Your best bet is to remove the drive and replace it with a new one. A Solid State Drive would be best, something like the Samsung Evo 2.5" SATA 256GB or larger I recommend.

Hopefully you have install media for Windows 7 and your product key handy. if you don't and none of your friends do than you need a local computer shop to help get the disc for your or do the install for you. Ideally ...this is a good time to upgrade to Windows 10. You can create your own Windows 10 install media here:

When you are asked for the product key for Windows 10 use the product key on the outside of your machine for Windows 7 for install ...the free upgrade is still working =)