BlackBerry shares up 15 percent on Lenovo takeover talk, again

Shawn Knight

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Share value in BlackBerry is up more than 15 percent following an interview with Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing in a French financial newspaper called Les Echos. The executive told the publication that a deal to acquire the Canadian handset maker...

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This could make a lot of sense, actually. Great keyboards, good battery life, durability...Lenovo understands that formula quite well on their business laptops. It wouldn't surprise me if the majority of Thinkpad owners either own or have owned a Blackberry. Certainly Lenovo couldn't do any *worse* of a job managing that organization.


Best to let them go under then for Apple to buy the patents. Apple forever. Apple rules!


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Best to let them go under then for Apple to buy the patents. Apple forever. Apple rules!

I'm sure both wouldn't want that in the long run, since Apple is getting too big for their own good. Also hiding behind a "Guest" name is pretty sad, but I guess Apple fans can't admit it publicly with a name to tag it to.

You have to admit.. Apple has done little innovation, since their leader has passed on. Just rehashed typical things, I think Apple will go the way of Acer in the future. Their leader is gone, so how is the giant to maintain it's hold? Just sue everyone for use of everything, that's about all they've done lately for profits.

Also I'm sure Blackberry has really been, hanging on for this kind of deal to happen. It's banked on their latest creation, as their make or break kind of scenario. It's been hit negatively upon general reviews, so their fixes will likely go unnoticed by others who dumped them prior. Just best of luck to em, because they need to stay alive somehow.