BlackBerry stock climbs on news of Department of Defense contract

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Jan 22, 2014
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  1. Just when it seems as though BlackBerry is about to flatline, the struggling handset maker shows signs of life. The Canadian company recently managed to secure a contract with the US Department of Defense that will see 80,000 smartphones put...

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  2. Anyone that thinks Blackberry will ever go bankrupt doesn't know anything about mobile security. Show me one government tax service that utilizes Iphone/Android and I'll show you the tax records supposedly "secured" in that infrastructure. Real security is a royal pain in the a$$... which is what Blackberry excels at.
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  3. Lionvibez

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    Good point!

    Most of the people commenting about blackberry dying are ***** fan boys and consumers that just play games and browse facebook so can't really expect much from them.

    Once you get into an office you see what the deal is. We don't even allow andriod phones in our work environment too insecure.
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  4. You need to read the DISA article more closely. The current program supports 80,000 Blackberries, but the list of new pilot devices don't include Blackberries. All BB purchase are on hold pending new device roll outs. Better check your sources better.
  5. Spot on. The 80,000 BBs are those that have been around for years. All the testing is on non-BBs. The DoD is a bureaucracy, but they're not so ignorant to invest a huge amount of infrastructure to a brand that is on the verge of imploding. This pop in stock price was a manipulation of the original article. Somebody got rich, but it's not for the lie that is the headline.

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