Blank Screen After Swap

By Chaos83p
Jan 11, 2006
  1. I had 2 Desktop PCS (HP Pavilion 7940, 8860) and was trying to take parts out of the 7940 and put into the 8860 (Ram and Hardrive swap), so that the 8860 would have all of my files and added speed.

    [On the 8860}
    i took out the stock bus pc133 ram, and put in a 256 ram chip that might have been a different bus type. I also put in a different hard drive (with XP installed). When started computer, drive lights flashed and fans worked but got a completely black screen.

    I then replaced the ram and hard drive with the orginal ram and hard drive, and started again and got the same black screen.

    Monitor instantly turns to standby, and when unplugged says it "is not connected" or "is working properly". I tried this with several different monitors, all with the same result.

    I also tried a different graphics card with same result.

    Any ideas? Could motherboard be fried? (it was not touched at all by hands)

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