blank screen

By wes
Jan 5, 2007
  1. HP pavilian a614n
    512mb ram
    Gefore Fx 5200 PCI video card

    I was playing counter-strike and i got a message about my video card. I was going to update my video card and deleted my driver so i could install the new one but never got to. Restarted my computer and all i could see is the f f1-setup and f10-recovery. After that all i got was a blank screen. I restarted and clicked on recovery. After it loaded and everything i attempted to install in video card drivers. It was about done and then it just goes black. Restarted it and click F1 and decided to pick my other onboard video card. Thisis what happens i start up my computer and absolutely nothing happens just the computer running and a black screen of death(hopefully not)
  2. wes

    wes TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nvm i fixed it

    when i was taking my computer apart i figured it out hat i should put my monitor plug in into the onboard one. :/
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