Blinking underscore at boot

By vale212
Oct 7, 2010
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  1. Hey guys I'm new here. So I've looked this up and a couple of people had the same problem as I did but they didn't really have the same scenario as I did and so far nothing seems to be working. My problem started out when my usb sound card's wire broke so I needed to put in my mic and audio headset jack into something other than my motherboard because for some reason it didn't pick it up. Btw my motherboard is an MSI P6NGM. (Keep in mind I built my computer) So I had an old sound card I scrapped from my old dell that would probably be 10 years old as of today. I shut down my computer opened it up and tried putting it in. At first it looked like it fit, or at least half of it went in. I think I tried to leave it in there and boot. When I did so I got the blinking underscore. I shut it down and took out the card and started it up again hoping it would go back to normal. It did the same thing again showing the blinking underscore. I tried booting with the CD and I ran a startup repair. It said "If you recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and restart your computer. If you continue to see this message, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance." By this time the sound card was already out of my computer so this didn't make any sense to me. I restarted it anyway and got the blinking underscore again. I read this meant that my hard drive wasn't being found or something like that so I checked all my wires and what not. Everything seemed to be fine, all my fans were working, everything seemed to be tightly put on, even my fan on the bottom of my hard drive was working so at least I know it's getting power. What could be wrong?

    Custom built computer specs:
    2.40Gz quad core intel processor
    4G ddr3 (I think its ddr3)
    MSI P6NGM motherboard
    Western digital 500GB
    XFX Raedon HD5750 graphics card
    Windows 7 home premium non-genuine (lol)

    The sounds card i tried to put in says on it "Sound Blaster Live"
    and on top of that it says Model CT4780.

    I don't want to put the sound card in anymore. I just want to be able to start my computer. I would post pics but I'm new and I need to post 5 times. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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