Blizzard blames piracy for lack of StarCraft 2 LAN support

By Justin · 70 replies
Jun 30, 2009
  1. Imo Blizzard is making a huge mistake lettings this happen.Lan support is a joke you can play lan via VPN like Garena or Hamachi even without owning a legal copy.Most people with games like these that they need to be online to stay alive(warcraft 3 with dota is best example),see its single player pirated,then they buy the so i can play battlenet.It just makes the legal buyers' life tougher without true and solid reason.
  2. Fighting piracy by removing features from your game is the most depressing thing I've ever heard.
  3. complexxL9

    complexxL9 TS Booster Posts: 51   +8

    this method would be easily cracked, as in all ea games like RA3.
  4. Darkshadoe

    Darkshadoe TS Guru Posts: 571   +113

    Piracy is the cause of male pattern baldness.
    Piracy is the cause of erectile dysfunction
    Piracy is the cause of lung cancer
    Piracy is the cause of the middle eastern crisis
    Piracy is the cause of Michael Jackson's death
    Piracy is the cause of Sudden Infant Death
    Piracy is the cause of Amelia Eirheart's disappearance
    Piracy is the cause of the Bermuda Triangle

    I've have never seen actual facts and real numbers from any software company proving their claims. So I guess I can make Sh*t up too. Blizzard's word is as good as mine.
  5. complexxL9

    complexxL9 TS Booster Posts: 51   +8

    Imo this is very intelligent move by blizzard. How do you make people buy the game? by adding a value to it which isn't available on the pirated copy. This is just what they are doing, we all know that the most fun part of these game is multiplayer and the fact that you are less likely to get tired of multiplayer action then singleplayer makes this feature worth your money.
    There is really small percentage of people (not counting the pirates) who actually loose something when there is no Lan. For most of gamers is enough and might I say a lot better way of playing multiplayer?
  6. Who cares. SC is a rip off of Warhammer 40k....
  7. first of all, piracy is not a theft.

    when you steal - you take one object from someone and then you possess it.
    piracy is when you double the object and take only a copy of it. the original owner still retains a copy.
    when I buy an apple I can do anything with it (sell it, borrow it, eat it myself), when I buy a game, Im forbidden to do most of these things (why not just state that you ar not buying it but renting and lower the rent price?)

    there are no scientific studies proving that people are less willing to pay for a good game if they can get it for free but with limitations (with pirated sc1 you could not play over battlenet, only on lan).

    another thing - fighting the masses (piracy) is futile. someone will leak battlenet software and will tweak it for using at lan parties.
  8. Rick

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    Eureka! I think I have it.

    It's not piracy that's a concern... Blizzard is hoping to generate revenue on through advertising by forcing you to use it, meaning more people will see the ads they show.
  9. hellokitty[hk]

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    O.O brilliant. I've seen a 4870x2 ad on bnet, you need one to run starcraft at maximum settings with AA on 64 MSAA.
  10. Hamachi. /thread
  11. This is lame -- Like that will "stop piracy" give me a break. Blizzard should be smarter than that. Also its not like Blizzard should be hurting because of piracy in SC1 they still made a #*($load of money and its sales numbers are through the roof. Now I dont get to have ultra low latency LAN games with friends but instead I need to make sure that everybody gets online which isnt always possible. Really irritating and uneccessary! This is really the 1st time blizzard has done something like this and I wonder if it is because of activision...
  12. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    Did you not read the article? There is no LAN mode.
  13. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 612

    Sounds good Blizzard, I guess I'll blame piracy for my lack of NOT BUYING YOUR GAME.
  14. shossofe

    shossofe TS Enthusiast Posts: 47

    wtf? Name 5 PC games out there that is 80-100AU$.
  15. Hmm.. well.. guess i'll download to play single-player. If i like it i'll bay to play online. But seriously, only *****s try to play online with a cracked copy or an illegal version. Removing LAN play doesn't stop and will not reduce piracy. It just pisses everyone off.. Infact, didn't EA try this with Spore and it turned out to be one of the biggest illegally downloaded games so far?

    Blizzard, please. Grow up and accept that your net code sucks too much for LAN and you can't blame the lag.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Phil "Hacess" Damages
  16. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    I'm aware, but that's really subject to the method they implement. But yes, nothing is a sure thing.

    The angle I was approaching there was itself can be circumvented, but authenticating with could be *as* safe. If Blizzard is satisfied with playing on as their anti-piracy solution, then authentication for LAN play can be every bit as good... as ungood as that may be. :)

    And of course, itself has been circumvented with private servers... Heck, even WoW has unofficial, private servers. There's probably not much that is going to stop that for as long as they retain compatibility with the service.
  17. redwallo1

    redwallo1 TS Rookie

    Blizzard is a good company and will gain my loyalty and purchases as long as they are reasonable.....

    but if blizzard moves to something equivalent to steam or EA downloader and requires online activation then they lose my respect from my previous statement...
  18. This is (yet another) a really poor decision on Blizzard's part. Stick it to the honest paying customers because of a few bad apples. OK, more than a few.

    I greatly enjoyed playing SC over LAN with my friends, all of whom owned the game, including BW. I greatly disliked playing on battlenet.

    Because of this, and Blizzard's obvious milking the license by making the 3 races separate purchases, I guess I will have to pass. You lose, Blizzard.
  19. The problem is that you have to settle with the internet rather than LAN!!!

    Im from Asia and I have a family of 6 - 5 of us play warcraft 2 (DOTA Maps) and we all LOVE Lan play. We have a shared internet connection of 1.5mbps (but really its like 500kbps). Thats really what our budget can afford (we are not going to upgrade for a simple game)!!!

    So that is 5 users - using whats left of our connection - all at the same time!!!! Imagine the crazy lag going on!!! what about days without connection (storms)?? What now??


    You know what, chances are, we'll be seeing bootleg versions of the game with LAN support.
  20. I wrote an email to sales and advertise @, I got a response back from an actual person stating that they will forward my email to some one above. I don't know if they wil or will not , but at least some one read my email. Here's a link to the thread on our page along with the email that I've sent:

    I'd suggest anyone that cares to also send out an email and try to be heard.
  21. Piracy is a scapegoat, and this is the first move before they start charging to play the game online. Mark my words.

    The best article on piracy you will ever read:

    "The whole piracy thing seems like just one more thing for developers to complain about. And they love to ***** and whine, don’t they? Game’s late? Not their fault. Game’s buggy? Not their fault. It’s another mind-numbingly derivative WWII shooter? Not their fault. “Market pressures”, don’t you know — if there’s anything gamers push for, it’s late, unfinished and/or hopelessly derivative games. PIRACY BAD!!!GRRRR! Oh, but copy protection that screws over legitimate customers? Yeah, sorry, take that one up with the publisher, our hands are tied."


    We’re supposed to have sympathy for them too, even though by their own arguments they deserve to die off. Piracy is killing the PC market, but the response to any legitimate complaint is to stop buying PC games if we don’t like it. If we act rationally and refuse to throw the baby out with the bathwater and download a game, we’re killing them. What would they rather have us do? “Talk with our wallets” and not play the games at all, and certainly don’t buy them. Which would also kill the industry, but that’s somehow the more moral solution. Either way the industry is basically daring us to kill it.

    Most people are talking with their wallets, which is why the market is shrinking. And what message does the industry take from that? That they should do something different? Nope. The message is that they should simply move to consoles due to a shrinking market they surely can’t be responsible for. So even when we do follow the “moral” way, nothing ****ing changes. So the decision, from our view, is between "No Games, Dead Industry" and "Pirate Games, Dead Industry".

    In other words, if the industry isn’t going to get the message no matter what we do and is going to die either way, why should we deny ourselves the few good games that get released? Should I feel sorry for Ken Levine not getting paid for a good game? Nope. The industry doesn’t care about screwing us over in the name of unproven piracy damages, so I don’t see why we should care if a few decent developers get crushed in the name of taking down an industry that could not possibly care less about doing proper business with us."
  22. Xecutor

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    If you consider yourself a truly hardcore SC fan, then you would buy SC2 even if you cannot play online (for now) for at least the campaign and the other playable modes available.
  23. Xecutor

    Xecutor TS Enthusiast Posts: 118

    Since you do not care about SC, we do not care about your opinion. Please go play warhammer 40k.

    k thx bye.
  24. F*** blizard dumb *****s razor and vitality wil crack the game in the first 24 h from realease and in the next weeek they wil porbably put a lan crack so basicaly blizard only has done to dont make ppl buy it ,if it had lan i would have bouaght it
  25. Corwin613

    Corwin613 TS Enthusiast Posts: 93

    I've been a blizzard fan for ages and ive bought copies of each of thier games (except Diablo that was given to me)

    Honestly this sounds like a money scheme that in reality has nothing to do with piracy this is only an excuse - I doubt they are in trouble financially with WoW having over 11 million players meaning they made over 400 mil on the game sales alone.... rough estimate since the game cost 39.99 here in the US

    I kinda wonder if they will end up selling the LAN play add on in an Expansion format or something.....

    I do have to say I am looking forward to SC2 since I love RTS games
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