Blizzard calls DRM a "losing battle"

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May 27, 2010
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    How about focusing on affordability? I do not pirate games, but I also do not pay retail prices for them. Until they go on sales at Walmart for $19.99 or less, or I can pick them up on Amazon for that price range, I do just fine with yesterday's killer games. I refuse to pay $40 or more for a game. I had rather purchase 2 or 3 for the price of 1 to share with family for a frag match over our home LAN.
  3. Its amazing.. the only two type of game I want to play are single player or LAN. I would love to find a good LAN game (doesnt have to be great) that I can play against my brother, rather than some re-bulled twitch finger of tender years. Yes! I am admitting I cant compete in the big wide world internet.
  4. No sorry you are incorrect "theft" is the removal of the original it is "piracy" the copying of not theft so go pick up your paycheck for the big software house and spend it on your "powder" instead
  5. So many games and so little time,

    DRM is a necessary evil Unfortunately, it always seems to take up time that could be spent enjoying the game. Here is why
    Installing it is slower because of encryption and often poor font choices make an "8" looks like a "B" or a "0" look like an "O" causing an old guy like me to grab my glasses.

    Finding the disk for a disk check makes my wife play the same DRM free games as she did in 1995 and she passes the game aisle in Wal-mart as if it weren't even there. (15 years x 1 store visit a month = $)

    Scratches or smudges on the disk cause read errors that always get blamed on the cat (poor thing).

    Registration for online play always requires an email confirmation (what was that password for the rarely used spam account?).

    Validation servers get ping flooded on the release day and are shut off after the company changes owners.

    Whatever validation developers choose is always added to the the price and becomes for the buyer another thing to think about.
  6. I like to think all these steam sales, may help show companies show much price matters, for instant some of there older games or games that sell for 4 or 5 pound can make alot of money if 1 million people buy even some of those sales are gifts to friends, another for instants is that games can cost as much as a movie to make maybe less works both ways but y does it cost 3 or 4 more times than a movie.
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    Good for Blizzard, focusing more on content and cool features is a better business plan than trying to prevent the millions of people who will eventually find a way to pirate their games anyway.
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