Blizzard wants to know if it's okay to charge $100 for Diablo 4 DLC

The REAL Blizzard is dead. Long live the Blizzard.

Nowadays it's not about Blizzard anymore, but the zombies who keep purchasing from this abomination of a company Blizzard has become.
Games for some people are like heroin. They need their fix. Especially if you've already invested 100+ hours into a game and a DLC comes out, Blizzard knows they got you by the balls and you'll pay whatever to keep that fix going (especially for younger audience). Me, as I've gotten older, I really don't care about any game that much anymore. They're all the same when you think about it and there are a ton of choices now than there were 20 years ago
Ill just say there is a reason I no longer subscribe to anything blizzard...they have gotten greedy, souless and looking at the recent trends in wow...talentless. If the company continues down this path they will end up with even less wow subscribers than they are now.
Does Bliz really need a survey to tell them that gamers will pay whatever they ask?

Blizzard: “Do you want to pay more for DLC’s?”

Gamers: “Absolutely not! Never! I hate you!”

Blizzard: “Got it (taking notes) Well we’re going to charge you more anyways”

Gamers: “Does it come with a different colored sword?”

Blizzard: “uuuh… yes..?”

Gamers: “I’ll take 2, please”

so true...I think the biggest FU was when blizzard had the D4 collecters edition without the copy of the game....really guys....really?
The moment actual game content goes behind a paywall, it’s just destiny etc but people have rode that horse to death. Yearly DLCs will just reduce the pool of players with access to the full game.

What should have happened is that the game was actually fun to play, skill trees offered more than 1 option to be viable per class and that the endgame wasn’t a grind of a single activity to watch a number tick to 100. It should have been good enough to make people want to play it and give money gladly to have access to the seasonal rewards. Instead a cloak is £20 or something and the game itself is polished/competent but boring and confusing (damage multipliers etc that need 3 devs on a stream to explain how it works isn’t a good system). So much bad. To talk of dlcs already, they are just drumming up “interest” to sell copies over Xmas so they can see an uptick in players when the next season starts which happens to be at the start of the next financial quarter so they can tell shareholders it’s worth investing or leaving money in the company.
I didn't buy the game for $70, so probably not going to buy a DLC for $100. There is a free data point for your analysis Blizzard.
Why only $100? Fools! $500 and not a penny less!

Basically, Blizzard needs a colonoscopy. A good cleaning out; A really good one.

Either way, the price will only effect people who are "enlightened" enough to buy it.

When a game comes out with multiple DLCs, I wait to purchase the Ultimate Edition at a bargain price.