Blu-ray High dpc latency

By drahken
Dec 5, 2015
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  1. Hi. my lg bluray just started having high latency and other problems. I did a bios update that updated the option rom on the intel controller, but I have tried both my jmicron sata controller side and the intel controller side. I dont really remember for sure when it messed up. Not too long ago I used it to reburn a bunch of old discs I had on better quality media. And it was working fine. This I think was before the bios update. Im not sure if the drive started giving me problems just later or what.

    Anyway, I hadnt used it then I went to do some disc checks on my drives and everything, I have an older benq thats kind of going out. but it wouldnt pick up anything. It had been showing up in my computer, under the folders, no latency problems, but I hadnt tried to use it, until this point. I tried to put discs in and it wouldnt work. It wouldnt read anything. So I started swapping sata cords out, changing the power plugin connection. tested everything. Swapped to another sata channel, switched from jmicron to intel. back and forth.

    It now boots up and won't load under the sata channels when it flashes that on my bios loadup screen. It says *** Error. * is something..

    It gets to windows, and sometimes it will show the drive under my computer. and even show I have an audio cd in it. but it will never accomplish to play it. also sometimes when I started trying to get it to work and had a disc in it I think it was, Bios would refuse to go past the beginning screen. I had reset the cmos and on the first screen it says push f1 or del to continue. and my keybaord would be locked up, all the lights where lit up, instead of flashing on as it boots then going back off. and I couldnt get past the bios screen. One time, it got to windwos, with the startup for windows 7, and it stayed there, for 5 minutes and wouldnt boot into windows. This was before I reset cmos.

    Now it pretty much gets to windows, will sometimes be picked up, even install itself, shows up under my computer, device manager, but fails to play any music, then it will disconnect itself and not work. Now its started to show my computer latency real high reading with it plugged in. and it shows the error in bios when it boots up. ive tried using the sata channels of one of my hardrives, while completely unplugging it, the hd and leaving it disconected to take out any incompatibility issues maybe. Ive tried to unplug the benq drive completely also and tried every combination with the blueray burner I can. its a wh14ns40 lg bluray burner.

    Ive tried plugging the bluray burner up to another comptuer and ran it and checked latencies too while doing it, its fine. works fine. no latency even jumps up any.

    the latency checker im using is dpc latency checker, with the benq when I use it when it first powers up with a disc in it if im accessing it, it will jump up to a high latency for a second then jump back down. not in use its fine, latency is fine. while using it, the latency is at a higher number, but still, ok. but its higher than most other things on my computer ever set it to. the benq drive wont burn any dl dvds anymore.

    but anyway with everythign incompatible that shows me any high latencies took out, the lg bluray wont work. with the bluray installed by latencies are real high. ok and after some time in windows they lower, but they do this weird, high low high low jump. one is nearly too high the next is ok, back and forth latency it shows me. that is what it done after I took the disc I had in it out. also it blinks its blue light on the front a bunch, like almost non-stop. thats another thing, it does. but after taking a disc out or openign the drive bay, it will stay at high wayy high latency for a long time.

    anyone know what happened here.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Have you had any luck with this issue?

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