Hardware Blue horizontal lines on laptop screen, graphics card not initiating

Hello there!

First of all sorry for my iffy english, it is not my native language.

I have had major problems with my laptop screen or rather the graphic cards after a two hour flight. On monday I went on a business trip to Spain (Zaragoza), where I will reside until the 27th of october. After checking in to the hotel, I started the laptop and everything was perfectly fine (except from the spotty wifi). On next day's evening problems started to show though.

After turning on the laptop the bios loading screen was riddled with blue horizontal lines and the PC needed longer to start. When the desktop finally showed, the blue lines were less intense but still there and furthermore pulsating. I cannot see those lines on a white background or generally a lighter background, darker or even black screens are filled with those lines though.

Additionally the graphic card drivers don't seem to load anymore. When I manually start the graphic card update process the updater seems to find the drivers but can't seem to initiate them. 3D applications (or rather games) are slow as hell with only 1-5 FPS at any time. The strange thing is: sometimes when I restart the laptop the blue lines disappear, the graphic card drivers seem to initiate again and the FPS problems seem to disappear. But this "solution" occurs only once in a while. Videos or any other 2D applications seem to run fine (albeit with blue lines of course).

The device manager says about the graphic card that "the device has been stopped, there seem to be problems".

There have been a heap of other minor problems too. Some applications had to be reinstalled to work again (like dropbox) and the battlenet-launcher had to be reconfigured as well. There have been crashes as well as the desktop not responding for a while. Maybe it is important to know, that I transported the laptop in the normal flight baggage, although there was lots and lots of "cushion" around.

For some specs:


Processor Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU@2.50GHz, 2494 MHz
Graphics Card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980M

The Laptop is less than a year old and still falls under guarantee. But that doesn't help in Spain right now so if there is any workaround for this problem I would be incredibly grateful! Thanks a lot in advance :)


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Looks like the video chip on the laptops motherboard has failed or the display panel has failed. Do you see normal video as the laptop boots? If you do, the panel may be okay
The first screenshot is actualy a picture of the boot process. So even while the bios initiates I can see the blue lines - arguably even to the worst extent. Using a system recovery point did not help. Do I have to send it in? Could it be an easy repair?


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Tmagic650's thoughts about it being the graphics chip are very likely correct. That would mean a motherboard replacement which is a major job - as is replacing the graphics chip. It's awkward that you are abroad but a warranty claim is well worth pursuing. The repair would cost an awful lot of money to have done outside the warranty.