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Blue screens and random crashing

By darkzebra
Oct 18, 2008
  1. ======================================================

    computer specs

    Amd Athlon 6400 X2 duel core processor.. i'm not sure if its 64 or 32?.. i'm pretty sure its 64
    Winfast 761GXM2MA motherboard
    2 gigs DDr 2 800 memory
    180 gb hard drive (dont know which one)
    Geforce 8600 Gt Graphics card
    Windows xp Sp2


    hey :)

    i was wondering if any of you could help me out.. i'm tearing my hair out about this..
    and i know its alot to read so i'm sorry about that..

    i bought a new computer at the end of last year.. i've taken it to so many people since then and nobody knows whats wrong with it... i'm a sound engineer and i mostly used it for mixing and production.. its been a real problem but its been okay because i could still use pro tools without problems.. but since now that i have invested in some crazy plugins.. pro tools now also gives me huge troubles.. and this is when its becomes a serious problem for me.. and i know its due to my machine and not pro tools..

    anywas heres the deal..

    since i bought my machine.. everytime i try run anything rather cpu intensive i presume.. my computer literally just ****s out, theres no better way to put it.. since the last time i
    formatted my machine which was a while ago now(5 or 6 months).. i've had at least 100 blues screen restarts... that happens very frequently.. since i have alot to do work wise.. i
    honestly haven't found the time to investigate this properly since i bought it.. and since i've
    actually been able to do most of my work i've been mostly leaving it(well i have been trying to fix it but everywhere i take no one knows whats wrong with it).. and the months have kinda gone by and now i really need o get to the bottom of this.. basically the blue screen error i get is..

    " Driver IrQL not less than equal "..

    or on very rare occasions

    " Page fault in a non page fault area.. " or something dsown those lines...

    the problems i have with the machine are obviously the blue screens of Death.. aswell as random restarting at totally random times.. but the main problem is that whenever i run anything cpu intensive.. no matter what program it is(well mostly games) it bombs out giving some random windows error messages.. whether it be pro tools, or any game.. the only game thats run properly is spore.. but every other game crashes.. and always at random times.. when the games crash as i say its always at a random time.. but for instance when i play call of duty 4.. the game will play perfectly for about 20 minutes.. and then its will crash out to windows relgiously every 5 mintues after that..

    k but first let me explain what i've done about the machine..

    i'm not a computer wizz and everything i try is learnt of websites etc.. i've taken my machine back to the people i've bought it from about a 100 times.. each time they have no idea whats wrong with it.. they think i'm going mad ha ha.. but then i show them the hundreds of minidumps files :).. but seriously they have run every single testing program they have on my machine.. including memtest and 3d marks? something like that.. and alot of others.. and every single time the thing passes with flying colours.. it never EVER crashes when i take it in.. so the people there think i'm trying to piss them off or something..but as soon as i bring it home it freaks out and crashes whever it feels like it..

    i then thought it could be the power supply at my house.. but then again it never crashes at the place i take it back to and and i now live in cape town and it still does the same thing.. i'm not sure about my power unit?.. i'm not sure how to check that..

    so after reading alot on Driver irql no less than equal errors.. i came to the conclusion that
    it must be the memory that was faultly.. and i took a risk and eventually asked them to change my memory.. which they then changed to 2 1 gig DDr 2 800 sticks which is faster than the previous.. and obviosuly this didn't do anything.. so its know its not the memory thats the problem..

    my biggest reasoning is that it's most likely a heating issue?..

    which would make sense considering games like call of duty 4 and mass effect can play for a while and then only start crashing.. but after doing some reading.. i found out that AMD chipsets can be totally stable at about 70'C .. when when i run Fox ONE (the diagnostics prgram which came with my chipset) it say that my cpu is only in the 55'C region when games crash... and every single place i've taken it to says that amd chpsets never freak out about heat.. i honestly beleieve it must be the heat.. could it possibly be that if it was a heating issue that maybe fox one isn't actuarate?..

    the reason ithink it could be the heating issue.. is that i noticed since its now summer again and i think its crashing more frequently?.. i took the side of the machine and put a fan pointing into it.. which i honestly think has helped.. but its still crashes.. cuz its been behaving over the last two months or so.. but i realised that its been freezing cold over the last two months.. but everyone i speak to about this keeps telling me that amd chipsets dont over heat??

    i've run the lastest forceware for my graphics card and that didn't change anything.. and i tried running pro tools once without my graphics card installed and it still crashed when i
    added a mad plugin..

    i've formatted my computer three times each time reinstalling windows and that hasn't had any


    how would i know if it was my motherboard that was faulty??

    someone suggested that i should flash my bios?? and some other computer dude told me that it could be the capacitor fluid to my motherboard?? i've heard flashing ur bios can ruin you whole computer.. Capacitor fuid? ha ha i have no idea what the hell that is...

    basically i have no idea whats going on with my machine and i really really want to sort this out.. i'm have having sleepless nights about this.. because i now have to so half my work at other peoples place's in oder to mix and master my work etc.... please if anyone could shed any light on this i'd be very grateful!,

    i've also included a zip file of four minidumps, two recent, two old.. :)

    thank you so much


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    KINGMEET TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Calm down

    HEy buddy, here is what you got to do.

    Take out your harddrive and place it on another computer. If it is and IDE base drive thing take the IDE cables from the CD Rom.

    Place your HD as a second drive. Boot the machine. If done right, Disk Check should start. Its a like blue screen. It should be ckecking drive D(which is ur HD).

    Let it finish. Steps 1-4 are fast, and step 5 will take a while. Once it finish check disk-go to my computer and see do u see your drive.

    If u see ur drive Right click on it and then click Properties. Then click on Tools, then click on Check Disk. Then you must check both boxes, and run it again.

    Once its finished, right click on ur Drive in my computer and scan with Anti-virus and spyware protection.

    I sugesst that you go to download dot commerical and get AVG, Ccleaner, SuperAntivius spyware, and malware bytes. Run all those programs. And if done correctly you should be ok.

    ]. Hit me up if you have questions. This method usually works about 90% of the time so there is a good chance it will. And because ur rebooting, you have virues(trust me). I hope I help you. Once again my email is

  3. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Inside the 4 MiniDumps:
    Do this:

    Start-> Run-> sc config processor start= disabled

    Then restart
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