Bluescreens in XP

By DaGbyte
Sep 27, 2006
  1. We're having a horrible time with BS'sOD on several of our laptops. We have kinda dwindled down the list to IBM T42 & T43, and IBM X31 & X41 tablets with Intel wireless adapters. Now, we're seeing the issue on Dell D620's, which use Dell (Broadcomm) wireless adapters.

    There are several opinions as to what is causing the issue. There is a tech article on Intel's webiste - - that identifies one possible problem. The zip file DUMP1.ZIP attached to this post all point to the Cisco Security Agent that is installed. The 2nd ZIP file DUMP2.ZIP points to some other issues.

    Can anyone look at these and give me an educated guess as to what's going on? I seriously doubt it is a physical memory error, as it is happening on a LOT of machines.

    Any help is appreciated!!

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