Boot Lindows from a CD

By Julio Franco
Jul 14, 2003
  1. The firm said it allows you to boot Lindows OS 4.0 from a CD drive by a simple restart. The cut down OS includes hardware detection, plug and play, multimedia support and real video.

    Although the Linux based OS got some bad press at the beginning (haven't tried it myself yet - review link), I believe they're making a great job offering a linux alternative to the average user with a more complete suite of software, or in this case, a CD you can boot anytime.
    Lindows is including the disc for free with the full version of the OS, or you can buy it separately for $30.
  2. Phantasm66

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    This sort of thing is a really brave attempt at making a desktop friendly Linux, but lets face it, its never going to switch people in their droves from XP.

    My feeling is that more mature Linux distributions like Red Hat and Mandrake will somehow merge with Ximian GNOME, etc and become an operating system that can compete with XP. But that time is still a little off.

    Already, you can have something in Linux desktop wise that's GETTING as nice as Mac OS. So Linux is on the rise.

    The problem, really, is that you have too many firms all over the place with good ideas but not enough consolidated effort. Maybe Lindows should merge with Red Hat and Ximian and work together to make something better than XP, in which case Linux might be in with a chance.

    I love Linux but I do comtemplate the possibility that it will go the way of the dinosaur, not because Microsoft is better but because Microsoft is just so powerful now.
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