Boot problem trying to install Windows XP on new harddrive

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Feb 13, 2008
  1. Hi, I'm trying to install Windows XP on a new Hitatchi (has IDE and PATA on box) 320gb hard drive I got, but I have a problem with booting with the Windows XP CD. I've gone to BIOS, changed the boot priority to CDROM, HDD-0 and a load of other combinations with CDROM/HDD-0 as priority etc. I've read through so many technical threads on this problem but can't seem to find a solution :/

    Everytime I load up the PC with Windows XP CD inside it just comes up with

    Everytime that message comes up or I press enter the floppy disk churns, theres no disk inside and I don't know why it seems to resort to the floppy drive because I've changed priority to CDROM as mentioned before. I've tried disabling the floppy drive but then nothing happens after the memory check thing after booting PC.

    The CD drive works fine, and so does the Windows XP CD inside (service pack 2) because I switched to my old hard drive, CD drive works fine aswell as the CD. The new harddrive also works fine and is detected in BIOS and on bootup screen aswell, So I'm really bummed and getting tired of this, can anyone help me please? thanks
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    Is this Hitachi hard drive larger than 132 GB? If so, how old is the motherboard? Do you have the latest BIOS installed?
    First thing you do is go to the Hitachi website to download the drive setup files... Second thing you do is change the boot order in the BIOS so you can boot to the CD...
    We will await your information on the drive and motherboard or computer system.

    AYTRIX-TEC TS Rookie Posts: 30

    it seems that the BIOS is not remembering that you are trying to boot from the CD first,

    start the PC without the CD in the drive and when you get the disk error open the CD drive and insert the Windows XP disc. press enter . It should then find the XP in the drive.

    again more info on the motherboard and previous HDD model is required.

    hope this helps

  4. raybay

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    Why would that work? The problem is with the boot record in the BIOS.
  5. tuant

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    One thought, is this a 'legitimate' bootable XP disc? Can your old computer boot from the disc also, what do you mean by the disc works fine in the old computer?
  6. tonylukac

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    Try using the boot "key" to display the boot menu and select which device to boot from. On Dell, the boot key is F12. On HP and IBM/Lenovo, it is ESC. Press this key when first powering on, and you'll get the boot menu. It is better to install windows this way anyhow because if you have the boot order changed to boot from the CD before the C: drive, on some computers the install will fail as it will eventually boot from the CD again when it should boot from the C: drive during the install process. This happened to me on a Toshiba laptop when upgrading from XP Home to XP Professional. I had to start from scratch!
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