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May 23, 2004
  1. I wasn't sure where to put this message so if i'm in the wrong section i appologize. Basically what i want to do is create a boot cd-rom, aka i want to make a win98 boot up cd-rom, kind of like the boot disk you could create, that lets you have cd-rom support. If anyone can help me i appreciate it.

    What i'm trying to do is to put win98 on a computer with no
    floppy drive (which wont boot without a disk).

    I have alcohol 120 and roxio easy cd-creator 5

    **i was told to post in this area**
  2. Rick

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    The problem with this is, Windows 98 needs to reboot a couple of times and making it bootable means you have to physically remove the CD each time it reboots and then reinsert it.

    OEM copies of Windows 98SE are already bootable though and the way these were made is a little more clever. The CD gives you boot options, such as booting into DOS, booting into setup or booting from the hard disk. The default value is "Boot from hard drive", and you have so many seconds to select a boot option. If left unattended, it will automatically boot from the hard drive after it boots from the CD while continuing setup.

    Perhaps if you can get ahold of this boot program or modify an existing Windows 98 floppy disk to have a menu with boot options, this would be a better idea.
  3. sabenfox

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    the only problem with that is the computer has no floppy drive, and i have none to put in it, but it does have a cd-rom drive, and the win98 version i have will not boot
  4. iss

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    The instructions for doing what you want to do can be found here.

    But the first thing you should do is make sure that in the bios your CD rom is set as first boot device if it isnt then nothing is going to boot from your CD rom.
  5. Spike

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    could it be possible to create a boot cd with win98 on it, where on boot, it loads up the standard win98 startup disk with cd-rom support, and procedes to copy all installation files to the hard drive, offers an option to "fdisk", "fdisk /mbr", "format c:", and/or just run setup?

    possibly with batch scripting?
  6. Goalie

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    I'd recommend finding a boot iso that will let you format the c drive with system files. That way the HD can boot. Then use the normal win98 (non-se) cd as usual. After Windows reboots the first time, it's already copied its boot files, no need for you to have boot image.

    Do some googling, and you'll find a diagnostic boot cd that runs in DOS mode.. is always a good thing to have handy for random crashes. If you're REALLY lucky, you'll find one with NTFS support, but I somewhat doubt that.

    Hope this helps!
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