Booting too many OS's....

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Oct 4, 2002
  1. IF i manage to get Mandrake working, any advice on what boot manager to use?

    I currently use BootMagic to select either a Windows grouping of BeOS, and if Windows is selected, chose XP/98.

    I have not a clue how to get LILO to work....

    and the Be BootMan didn't work last time...

    so what will i do with FOUR OS's? BootMagic 2.0 seems to dislike LINUX
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    Uninstall bootmagic. You should then find that Windows XP's boot manager is back from the dead.

    boot into mandrake and issue this command

    dd if=/dev/hdXX bs=512 count=1

    sustituting hdXX for whatever partiton mandrake's / is on, i.e, hda2, hdb4, etc...

    now copy the resultant file onto c:\ and append this line to boot.ini

    c:\"Mandrake Linux"

    A chappie just managed to install 37 operating systems on his machine, it was on the Techspotlight main page, so 4 is easy believe me....
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    need to wait for Mic to tell me how to get the XP boot manager to do BeOS then... its simple with the two Windows one i have in it, but could be hard with two totally different OS's
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    i also considered that XOSL, but it had so many 'this could damage your PC' warnings i gave up...
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    The procedure should be the same as in Mandrake, but I haven't tested it myself.
    Just use /dev/disk/ide/ata/*insert the rest here* instead of /dev/hdXX and or something instead of Then just add it to boot.ini.
    If that fails for some reason, I attached my BeOS bootsector here. It's renamed .txt because of valid extensions.

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    you can also create your with a windows software : is a FREEWARE, and is a good solution when you can't do it with linux, BeOS, or something else :)

    Stephane Dekeyzer.
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    Hey, its a thread seriously from the past :)

    I don't even have Windows on that system anymore. Thankfully. And I've figured out LILO.
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