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May 8, 2010
  1. Hello all,

    I got a PACKARD BELL EASYNOTE MV-35-V007 1.73 when I switch on the laptop it boot up to the logo, and then it remains stunk on the boot up order page! when i scroll down and choose hard drive it, it starts to loading and it goes back to boot up screen, I can access the bios screen. Dose any body know how i resolve the problem?

  2. wii-ste

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    It sounds like the MBR (master boot record) of your disk may have been corrupted. This can happen for many reasons from virus infection to faulty hardware.

    What Operating System do you run (Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc)?

    This will help to give the correct steps for attempting to recover the MBR.
  3. golden

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    Hello Wii-s
    thanks so mush for you replie the laptop as not got any O/S at the moment, or even a hard drive in as yet! do you suggest I put a formatted Hard drive in? any suggestions?

  4. wii-ste

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    I'm sorry I don't understand.

    You said it shows the boot menu, you select hard drive and then it goes back to the startup screen.

    Are you saying that you have been doing this while there is no hard drive in the laptop?

    If so, then this would be right as the computer is trying to boot from the hard drive and can't as it is not connected. Do you have an operating system to put on it? Do you have a hard drive for it? You will need both!
  5. golden

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    Sorry i did not make my self quiet clear and miss out a lot, am in training to become a laptop Tec, so most of the laptop I buy need work.

    when i initially got the laptop, it come with problems, eg :non working keyboard, it did not have a hard drive to start with, so I put one in to start with that was not formatted,

    which give the presenting problem ( kept going to the boot menu) I took the hard drive out to see if the problem would resolve, unfortunately not, that when i thought I will take the initiative and come on here for some help! I will format the hard drive and see what happens, once again am sorry I left a lot out.
  6. wii-ste

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    Hi golden,

    If the hard drive is not formatted and you have not installed an operating system then it is in effect the same as not having a hard drive.

    Start the laptop from an installation CD (Win XP/Vista etc) and install an OS just for testing (ie no need to activate if you are just testing - just format the drive again after testing). The installation CD will do the formatting for you.
  7. golden

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    Manage to get it working after spending few hours on it, i got a new hard drive, put the xp disc it , it just would not install window, so I used one of my drive that had windows on and then it started to load windows, thank god for that, first it was keyboard problems, then would install

    any thanks for your help
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