BOOTMGR is Missing, can't repair and can't find my Windows 7 OS

By waterproof
Feb 15, 2010
  1. Today I used my computer, everything is fine (no virus, nothing, up to date and everything) I turn off my computer, when i come back home, to turn it on it says 'bootmgr is missing' ok so i use the CD rom to reboot from it and repair, the thing is, it can't find my hard drive at all. I dual boot with Vista as well, but I dont see this is a problem. When I want to repair, it can't repair at all.

    Anybody can help? I dont think this is a HDD failure since my HDD has no issues with registry or memory. Virus issue no, because i have a firewall thats strong and my antivirus was up to date. I tried unplugging/plugging the 2 hard drives, but same issue.

    i dont want to reformat because i had EVERYTHING on it. so anybody could help me as much as they can, thank you.
  2. waterproof

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    it says for windows 7 that changes by a hardware is causing my computer to get an error 'start windows normally' or 'repair windows 7' so i picked start it normally, the logo comes up but before it displays my login details so i could login, it automatically reboots again. So yeah I think my hdd isnt the issue now. Now when i click to repair, the screen goes black and it stays there with the cursor, is this normal.

    it could load the Windows 7 logo but reboots straight after before I can get to my login details, I'm for certain it could be some bad error to do with start not working properly. And I understand what you mean, havent done nothing to it but the problem is also on my 2nd HDD as well, so Im going with startup issue or bootmgr issue. edit (as the windows logo comes, just before login comes, i got a quick BSOD then it disappeared) it flashed and reboot again.

    I tried Hirens but what tools i have tried have said HDD is not found!
  3. waterproof

    waterproof TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 208

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