Brand new computer and recovery drive full?

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Just got a new desktop, HP Pavilion a1740n. Used the Easy transfer program and cable to bring files, settings, etc. from old emachines pc to the new machine, running Vista Home Premuim. Now I'm getting a message every few minutes that the Recovery (D:) drive is full. Drive (C) has tons of room left, 87% of 291 GB free. However, Drive (D) has 0% of 6.27 GB free. Can't seem to get a read on the space being occupied by (D)'s contents:
1. Recovery last modified 3/17/07 (before I bought this machine)
2. System restore, last modified 5/25/07 (after I bought the machine)
3. Aluria Cache file 7/13/06 (before I bought it)

Using the Disk cleanup I can "use Dsk Cleanup to free 0 bytes of disk space on Recovery (D)" Well obviously that doesn't help. Spoke with someone at HP and he couldn't figure it out.

Couple questions:

A. Is this a concern?
B. What is this drive used for? and if it's full, what will happen when it is needed?
C. If the only part of (D) that has been modified since I bought the computer is the "System Restore" did I import something from the old machine that is too large?
D. If so, what to do?

Many thanks!


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is the D drive another partition?

Most new systems are full of bloatware. Remove it with CCleaner (Free)

turn off system restore when using CCleaner.
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