Broadband in Spain, Alicante

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Apr 24, 2004
  1. Hi I'm thinking about moving to Spain, Alicante does anyone know if they offer Broadband their.
  2. Spanishmove

    Spanishmove TS Rookie


    DSL Spain offer telephone and broadband connection anywhere in Spain, we have just purchased a system and its fanastic.
  3. GoldenEagle

    GoldenEagle TS Rookie

    I moved to Spain last year and after 6 months of trying to get a Telefonica landline was about to give up. I then saw an advert for DSL Spain and withing two weeks had one of their systems installed.

    It's brilliant. They give you a phone line and 6Mbit internet access anywhere. It doesn't matter if you are on the side of a mountain or in the middle of nowhere, they can fit one for you.

    At the new reduced price of 2,750 Euros and 55 Euros per month it's not as cheap as Telefonica but believe me it is well worth it.
    Well done DSL SPain.
  4. spanishlass

    spanishlass TS Rookie

    We have a system with DSL Spain and it has been a lot of trouble to say the least, major problems with the phone which just doesn't work.

    I'd ignore anything mentioned by "Golden Eagle" as he is one of their agents. Also it is a 512 connection only according to their head office.
  5. BBinSpain

    BBinSpain TS Rookie

    Satellite Broadband in Spain

    I notice that you are looking for a broadband in Spain.
    I work for a UK based company called Avonline and we have recently announced that we are providing our 2 Way Satellite Internet services in Spain. We currently provide services in UK, Ireland and France.

    If you need more information on our services do not hessitate to contact us.

    0800 073 1102

    Best regards,

  6. spanishlass

    spanishlass TS Rookie


    Who said we were looking for a satellite system?

    Certainly wouldn't buy one from you when it is the same as the one we already have! :mad:

    Thanks for the blatant spam though. puke:
  7. BBinSpain

    BBinSpain TS Rookie

    Broadband Services

    The thread was intended for English ST.

    Are you not happy with the Sat system you have?

    What are you using the system for?

    Maybe we can offer some advice!

  8. dslpesadilla

    dslpesadilla TS Rookie

    Goldeneagle have you managed to solve your problem with the atas? saw your post on voipusers support forum made interesting reading considering you are still try to sell this pile of c**p as fantastic oh yeah of course will never work no one else in the world has managed it yet to the standard you are selling it at! or are you both planning to crack it and take over the world.

    Yes I got stung too! anyone reading this thread don't be tempted its not an alternative just a nightmare that costs you thousands.
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