Broadcom 802.11g no longer working after 6 months.

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Nov 23, 2005
  1. ive run my computer for months now with no problems. just installed a wireless router in my house a week ago. no problems. than out of the blue my laptop cannot even see any wireless networks while my other laptop can. i have no clue and no symptoms. the only other thing is that i just had my laptop connected to the net for a week now. i know there is no viruses or the like on it. what else could it be? if someone could give a runthought of everyhting there has to be for the card to actually run.. under the properties of the connection. that may help.. thankyou for your time. i run windows XP laptop is Emachine. also have a problem with it randomly freezing on me too.
  2. The_Maestro

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    just illiminating the most obviuos first. You do have your wireless switched on on your notebook?
  3. WildCard

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    yes. its on.
    i click wireless network connection and up pop in the box where my wireless lan should be: Windows cannot configure this wireless connection.
  4. Nodsu

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    Many laptops need you to physically switch on the wireless transmitter either using a special switch or a hotkey combination.

    Also, it may be that some other software has taken control of the wireless card and is preventing Windows from operating it. Do you have any other wireless connection software installed? Perhaps something that came with the card or the laptop?
  5. WildCard

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    i figured it out. only 1 problem. it needed a clean shutdown. in order for me to do that i had to start it up in safe mode and shut it down. i just turned it back on and it was connected to the router again. this shouldnt be in the networking problems. right now my computer sais windows is shutting down and will probley stay that way til i hold the power button for 5 seconds. that probley solves my freezing problem too. i just need it to shut down clean from normal mode. any suggestions? maybe a different forum?
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