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broken ps2 keyboard port

By syfen ยท 16 replies
Feb 9, 2004
  1. i am curently fixing a pc for a friend but i think the ps2 keyboard port is broke i have try'd 2 working keyboards neither of which work in this pc but the num lock light works.

    when i boot without a key board pluged in i dont get a keyboard error hang and the pc seems to think there is still a keyboard pluged in.

    would using a usb keyboard work? there is no operating system on this pc as i cant press any key to boot from cd or get into bios
    to change boot device.

    any help would be much appreciasted.

    thank you
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    There is a HW-test program tuffTEST, which also tests keyboards
    The free version does NOT test Keyboards.

    It can't hurt to try a USB-keyboard if you have one.
  3. Steverz

    Steverz TS Rookie Posts: 51

    A computer without an OS has no bearing on whether you can enter the BIOS or not. I have repaired many units with no OS, and have entered the BIOS at will when needed.

    If the unit is any other than XP, simply use or download a Boot floppy. When it Boots, press the key specified to enter the BIOS. In the BIOS enable the USB ports paying attention to the keyboard setting. Some units have a PS/2 to USB toggle to select from for both the mouse and keyboard, while others you have to work at the settings a little more.
  4. jerrytt

    jerrytt TS Rookie

    USB Keyboard - Mouse not working-lit

    Ok, then what happens to be a solution for a Gateway 933c Essential system that has ONLY USB support, (no serial or ps/2 interface), and a keyboard mouse attached to USB ports, and not working when words appear as such: "Press F1/F9 to enter BIOS" and I can't press a keyboard not working? I don't have an option to use a PS/2 subbed keyboard to change/reset BIOS to accept USB there. I looked for some sort of PS/2 keyboard adaptor board without success. Without being able to change info and save in the BIOS (with the use of a keyboard), I can't use the RESTORE disk that I need to place a screwed up op system with problems. Suggestions (without asking me to replace the MOBO that costs $225 when new systems are $400.

    thanks. jerry. :grinthumb

  5. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Resetting the BIOS configuration should put it into a foolproof state. You should be able to use an USB keyboard unless there is some problem with hardware.
  6. jerrytt

    jerrytt TS Rookie

    Nodsu: Resetting Bios

    Nodsu: I've used the "clear Bios" pinouts 2-3 on the motherboard to clear the system's BIOS. I can even get into the BIOS under this action, however, when in the BIOS, I still have NO keyboard support to make necessary changes back to default or even to change to USB enable if it is such. However, I can't go into the area past the opening BIOS screen without a keyboard working.

    Summary: no keyboard working (even though I've replaced the keyboard with a standard keyboard) with normal boot. The post goes through, checks the A drive and CD drives, then a "Changed Bios" (from me checking the system battery for good/bad). I can't get it to boot past this screen because it's looking for input (F1/F9) to go into the BIOS to make necessary changes and i have no keyboard action/lights). thanks, jerry. :giddy:

  7. rasta

    rasta TS Rookie


    I have the same problem.
    I cant believe no one has an answer to that.
    No ps2 means a new motherboard ?
  8. Genoman

    Genoman TS Rookie

    I think this is one of those problems that have limited answers.
    One of the options have been taken out of the solution- replace the mother board.
    I stumbled across this thread because I was searching for a solution to a similiar prob.
    I had 2 PCs in my companies office that BOTH PS2 ports went out on in about a week. This is unusual becuase I have never had this problem.

    What's even more unusual is that the Keyboard port stared working again.
    I was able to start one of them with an a USB to PS2 "Keyboard" adapter I got from Cyberguyscom for about $6. It allowed me to enter Bios in which I did absolutly nothing. I decidedto try the PS2 port again becuase the comm mouse and USB adapter didn't fit well together and the keyboard port started working again.

    I would go spend the $25 on a USB keyboard and keep the recipe just in case.
  9. ryantruck

    ryantruck TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Has anyone tryed a new port

    Has anyone tryed To Solder a new Ps2 keyboard Port on the motherboard thats what I would try :wave:
  10. 62nds

    62nds TS Rookie

    You need to enable USB Legacy support in the BIOS for a USB keyboard to work. But this requires a working keyboard in order to check/change this setting.

    If your BIOS has this setting then it is possible to create a boot diskette which will change this setting for you; then all should be fine. But as soon as you get the "Press F1 to continue" message, you've had it.

    The other options are:
    1. to repair the ps/2 port, if that is the problem, or
    2. convert your ps/2 mouse port to a ps/2 keyboard port by cutting two tracks on the board, and rewiring, or
    3. or replace the ps/2 keyboard port, as suggested by ryantruck.

    WHATEVER YOU DO, do not clear the CMOS memory by shorting the pins on the motherboard. You will lose all your current settings, including that of the USB Legacy Keyboard support.

    THE MORAL OF THIS STORY for everyone is to go into cmos setup now, before you have this problem, and make sure USB keyboard support is enabled.
  11. jackaustralia

    jackaustralia TS Rookie

    Can anyone tell me how it is possible to create a boot disk to change this setting in the BIOS to enable USB Legacy Support.
  12. suzumebachi

    suzumebachi TS Rookie

    i'm having the same problem with my PC now (typing on my bro's PC). the PS/2 port on it apparently died. so I got a USB keyboard, however in order to use it i have to enable it in BIOS, but I can't get into BIOS without a working keyboard. :blackeye:

    62nds mentioned you can create a boot disk that will change this setting in the BIOS, however i'm not sure this will work since my computer can't even get past POST without pressing F1. even so, it might be worth a try. does anyone know where/how to make a boot disk that will change this setting? I have Phoenix AwardBIOS v6.00PG.

    As far as the other options go:

    1) where would you find a replacement PS/2 port or instructions on fixing the current one?
    2) are there instructions available for converting the PS/2 mouse port to a PS/2 keyboard port? if so, where?

    thanks greatly in advance.
  13. 62nds

    62nds TS Rookie

    A failed PS/2 port may be caused by a blown fuse. You would be lucky if this was the case.

    If your BIOS is sitting in a socket, the cheapest option is to update your BIOS from http://esupport.com/ - let them know what your problem is - they will put together a custom BIOS for you so that you can use a USB keyboard.
  14. suzumebachi

    suzumebachi TS Rookie

    a blown fuse, eh? whereabouts would this fuse be? i suppose i could try replacing the fuse first, and if that doesn't work, try the BIOS update thing.
  15. suzumebachi

    suzumebachi TS Rookie

    ok i did some more research, and it turns out my motherboard does in fact have a fuse on the PS/2 ports. i looked through my old computer equipment and found another motherboard with the same fuse on it (that should be good). except i have no idea how to remove the fuses without damaging them. anybody have any idea how to do this?
  16. mharlhouie

    mharlhouie TS Rookie

    is there also a way to convert a ps2 keyboard to a ps2 mouse?

    hope somebody can help...

  17. Craige

    Craige TS Rookie

    Reinstallation of OS

    I have had the misfortune of improperly updating my chipset. The consequences being, ps/2 devices stopped working. As everyone has stated couldn't get into the BIOS, or anything else. Tried both USB and new PS/2 keyboards, to no avail. I reinstalled WINXP, which did the trick. Don't assume it's a hardware problem. It very well could be software related. Hope this helped.
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