BSOD ati3duag.dll hd3650 AGP

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Hi all.

First,my system configuration:

AMD Athlon XP 3000+
1.5 Go ram PNY/Samsung
PSU LC Power 480W
Hard Drive seagate 320 Go
GPU Sapphire HD3650 512mo DDR3 AGP

Here's my prob.

On Windows XP home with service pack 3,i've got BOSD on specifics games like:

Tomb Raider Legend,Fear extraction point,HL2,Bf2142...

On other like:

Crysis(yes on my sys is laggy,but i really like this game^^),COD4,GTR2,...No problems for us...

The BOSD just say to me 0x0000008E

Analyzing my minidump :


SYMBOL_NAME: ati3duag+116508


MODULE_NAME: ati3duag

IMAGE_NAME: ati3duag.dll


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x8E_BAD_IP_ati3duag+116508

BUCKET_ID: 0x8E_BAD_IP_ati3duag+116508

I can't post links for minidump,so ....

I'm really sad,i've no idea of the problem.I try install proper AGP hotfix from sapphire website.Drivers 8.6,8.7,8.5 ....XtremG drivers,omega(too old),etc...

And the most strange thing,the games work good on Windows Vista!!No problem(but my computer so slow on games with Vista)

So i really hope someone could help me here.I'm little desperate.

Thanks in advance.


PS:sorry for my bad english^^


Here's most detailed analyze of minidump:

EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000001d - {EXCEPTION} Instruction non autoris e Tentative d'ex cution d'une instruction interdite.

e356b889 f20fd6d1 movdq2q mm2,xmm1

TRAP_FRAME: aac21890 -- (.trap 0xffffffffaac21890)
ErrCode = 00000000
eax=e526a210 ebx=e33cb040 ecx=00000010 edx=00000100 esi=e34194c0 edi=aac219a0
eip=e356b889 esp=aac21904 ebp=aac21910 iopl=0 nv up ei ng nz na po nc
cs=0008 ss=0010 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0030 gs=0000 efl=00010282
e356b889 f20fd6d1 movdq2q mm2,xmm1
Resetting default scope





LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from bf2a68f8 to e356b889

e356b889 f20fd6d1 movdq2q mm2,xmm1

WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
aac21910 bf2a68f8 e34194c0 e332a418 bf2a6912 0xe356b889
aac21914 e34194c0 e332a418 bf2a6912 e332a424 ati3duag+0x1178f8
aac21918 e332a418 bf2a6912 e332a424 e332a2e0 0xe34194c0
aac2191c bf2a6912 e332a424 e332a2e0 31a3b860 0xe332a418
aac21920 e332a424 e332a2e0 31a3b860 e257d000 ati3duag+0x117912
aac21924 e332a2e0 31a3b860 e257d000 e34194c0 0xe332a424
aac21928 31a3b860 e257d000 e34194c0 e332a2e0 0xe332a2e0
aac2192c e257d000 e34194c0 e332a2e0 bf2a739d 0x31a3b860
aac21930 e34194c0 e332a2e0 bf2a739d e332a2e0 0xe257d000
aac21934 e332a2e0 bf2a739d e332a2e0 bf2a68d0 0xe34194c0
aac21938 bf2a739d e332a2e0 bf2a68d0 0000000c 0xe332a2e0
aac2193c e332a2e0 bf2a68d0 0000000c 00000000 ati3duag+0x11839d
aac21940 bf2a68d0 0000000c 00000000 e332a2e0 0xe332a2e0
aac21944 00000000 00000000 e332a2e0 e3352040 ati3duag+0x1178d0


bf2a68f8 ?? ???


SYMBOL_NAME: ati3duag+1178f8


MODULE_NAME: ati3duag

IMAGE_NAME: ati3duag.dll


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x8E_BAD_IP_ati3duag+1178f8

BUCKET_ID: 0x8E_BAD_IP_ati3duag+1178f8

Followup: MachineOwner

I hope you can read something on that :/

I'm really desperate now .

Thanks in advance.


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Did this happen before you updated to SP3?

It is known that computers with AMD processors updating to Windows XP SP3 have problems with the new Service Pack, you have to install some fix before you update to SP3.

If you had problems before the SP3 update then follow this.

0x8E errors are almost always Hardware errors run Memtest86.
Download the pre-built ISO of Memtest86 (Link Below) burn it to a CD using ISO Recorder (Link Below) and then boot off the CD and start the test going for 3-5 hours (Minimum of 7 passes) or Overnight which would be better.

EDIT : Forgot to post links
Memtest86 -
ISO Recorder -
Thanks for response.

The problem was before and after sp3.

Sp1,sp2 and sp3...

I try memtest with ubuntu CD this afternoon.But in your opinion why the problem only occur with XP and not Vista?

Thanks for your help.


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I not quite sure really, you say you have no problem with Crysis apart from lagging a bit this is one of the most demanding games out there i believe, while you have problems with Tomb Raider and HL2 which i don't think are as demanding on computer resources as Crysis.

Will see what memtest results are but normally problems with Games are RAM, Graphics Card, Not enough Comp Resources, Overheating or PSU not supplying enough power to Graphics Card. There might be other causes but logic and common sense tells you they would be the most likely while games are running.

Edit: I found this while searching in Google -
It seems you posted on another forum but they were suggesting Driver updates and the last post to me looks like he got a bit angry with people posting the problems about your hardware configuration. But he seems to have put a vaild answer up about the ATI cards and Via chipset, but wait till replacing your Motherboard till you've tested everything we suggest on here. They never thought of telling you test the hardware.

Thanks for your response.

I've done memtest.5 passes,no problems found.

Yes,i've post on many forums cause i'm really frustred by this problem.My computer is old,but i 've hope he can handle just HL2 or games like that.

Hl2 is not so demanding comparing to Crysis.He can handle on many old computer,source engine is pretty good.This is why i don't understand i can handle Crysis and no HL2.

Other thread on ngohq talk about ati3duag.dll confilct with AEC.SYS, DMusic.SYS, CDAUDIO.SYS, SFLOPPY.SYS, SPLITTER.SYS, DRMKAUDIO.SYS, KMIXER.SYS.

In fact,in games use echoes or something like that.I post my minidump when i can.

My motherboard is too old,it's fact,but i've X800 GTO,ATI 9600 pro,and no probs.

The thing i don't understand is why this work on Vista,and BSOD on XP?

I prefer gain money and buy new computer^^

But for the moment,i'm really sad to see my computer doesn't work normaly.

Really thanks for your help guys.


so no hope for me.

I've updated my VIA chipset.Agp drivers+hyperion 5 in 1,+ reinstall ATI sapphire hotfix drivers.And i've set my card fan to 80% and same BSOD at same time.

Well...I wait for new rig now.



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Hi guys,

I have been having the same problem. I get a BSOD with a 0x0000007E or 0x1000007E, but it has no other information except the error code. It does not specify the file in error nor the problem. However, I suspect that my problem was since XP SP3. Please let me know what patches you were referring to.

My computer specs are as follows:
AMD Athlon 2.8+ (Barton core).
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2 Rev 2.x. Firmware FK?
2 x 512MB Kingston DDR2 400 (slots 1 + 3).
ATI Radeon X800 Pro. Catalyst 8.7
WD 120g SATA 5400.
PS: unknown.

I am running:
Windows XP Home SP3. "no new patches as per microsoft site".

I have performed the following:
Upgraded MB firmware.
Updated MB drivers.
Updated Catalyst driver.
Performed memory stress test (5 hours and 100% clean).
Performed graphics card stress test (3 hours and 100% clean).
Looked through minidump (this is where I identified ati3duag.dll and related it to this thread)

I know for sure that it's not a VIA + ATI compatibility issue, as my MB is an nForce2 chipset.


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Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately I'd already read both those posts and tried most things suggested.

The only thing I didn't try is uninstalling SP2, because I am not sure whether the problem started with SP3 or before. Another point is that XP SP3 is supposed to contain the 2 SP2 fixes mentioned as per microsoft KB 946480

I have checked all of my hardware components using various tests and have come to the following suspects:
1. Bug in Windows XP SP3?
2. Some kind of configuration/driver compatibility problem?
3. Insufficient PSU. (I have tried unplugging all external peripherals).

My system config (at peak power usage, with all components connected) is as follows:
AMD Athlon 2.8+ (Barton core).
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2 Rev 2.x. Firmware FK?
2 x 512MB Kingston DDR2 400 (slots 1 + 3).
ATI Radeon X800 Pro.
WD 120g SATA 5400.

*optional/unplugged while testing/prefer to use*
Seagate 40g IDE 7200.
Internal 48x CD RW drive.
External 8x DVD RW drive.
2.5" 160g Maxtor External HDD
USB Mouse battery charger.
USB Wireless mouse dongle.
USB Bluetooth dongle.

I want to rule out 1 and 2 before trying 3.
In the case of 3, which power supply would you recommend out of the ones available at MSY (Australian shop).

Brand Model {/ additional model}* price {/ add model price}*

SHAW 550W / 600W Max.22 / 22
SHAW 720W (Dual Fan) Max.25
SHAW 860W (Tri Fan) Max.27
A-Power Black Label 650 Watt Single-Fan 39
A-Power Gold Label 860 Watt Dual-Fan 59
A-Power Platinum Label 1200 Watt Tri-Fan 149
ASUS Z45FP 450W /P-55GA 550W 79 / 115
ASUS U-65GA 650W 165
Thermaltake 430W / TR2 470W / TR2 550W 39 /69 /97
Thermaltake ToughPower 600W / 750W 147 / 184
Thermaltake ToughPower 850W /1200W /1500W 238/374/459
Thermaltake 450W / 650W PE for Nvidia & SLI VGA 86 / 123
GIGABYTE 460W / 800W 49 / 211
Coolermaster Extreme 390W /460W /500W 44/54/61
Coolermaster Extreme 550W /600W /650W 71 /85 /95
Coolermaster RealPower Pro 550w /650w 119 / 155
Coolermaster RealPower Pro 750w / 850w 192 / 238
Coolermaster RealPower Pro 1000W 299
Coolermaster RealPower Modular 520W/620W 129/149
Super Flower 500W / 550W 65 / 77
Super Flower 600W / 750W / 800W 104 / 159 / 189
Topower 420W / 520W “Fan-less” Real 138/165
Topower 500W / 600W / 750W 69 / 113 / 170
Topower 900W / 1000W / 1200W 203 /280 /329
Huntkey V-Power 550W / Titan 650W 61 / 96

I want one that doesn't cost too much but provides reliable power at a fairly efficient rate. I guess this rules out SHAW (reliability) for one. From what I've read Huntkey Titan ($96) and Coolermaster RPP ($119) are at the reliability and efficiency I'm after. Are there any cheaper on the list that would be recommended?
Hi all.

Sorry for the later response.

Can you confirm change the FSB to 181 stop any BSOD?

Cause my poor motherboard do not like overclock at all.



My FSB is set to 166 Mhz,my RAM to 166 too.

What can I try?

Regards by all!
(My cfg: Sapphire HD3850 AGP; Asus A7N8X NF2; CPU 3200+. 1x512 + 2x256 Kingston; Coolermaster extreme 550W)
i have problem that also in you.
But that I noted…
I he saw the here confirmation.
We have frequency FSB - 200 Mhz.
When I advanced frequency < 181 Mhz ( i e = 180Mhz) - all it works ok.
And this helps in 100% cases .(err 0x0000008E & 0x1000007F).
It is interesting that the error of 0x1000007F appeared from the version of the drivers of > =8.7. Ati3duag.dll began to fall in BSOD (for example, into 3dMark after the installation AA of > = 2x). And if we rewrite ati3duag.dll from version 8.6 into the latter (8.9), then the error of 0x1000007F disappears…, but this does not save from the error of 0x0000008E with the frequency îf FSB > 180 Mhz ...

Apparently into ati3duag.dll something is counted incorrectly at the high frequencies.
I think that BUG in ATI of drivers.

At me m/b ASUS A7N8X (nForce2) and 3200+(FSB 200). I observed reduction of errors at reduction FSB... FSB 166 = it is less than errors, FSB 133 = it is even less than errors. But it not a problem of video card => as on ASUS P4C800(Intel875) errors are not present. As there are no errors if ASUS A7N8X FSB 200 and nVidia GF7800GS AGP. From here I do a conclusion that ATI developers of drivers under the last AGP badly test the products(drivers) on errors. PS. One of these days has played & received BSOD even at FSB166.
I.e. the problem completely is not solved...
has changed m/b on intel chipset (ASUS P4C800 I875) and - no problems & errors!


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I don't understand exactly what you are saying :confused:
Due to your poor paragraph\word structure :dead:

Can you please Edit the above merged posts
And write it out a lot clearer?

This will help others, reading it, to understand it a lot easier

You may need to seek others help, in doing this.
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