BSoD Dilema

By ComputerGuy55
Oct 27, 2009
  1. Ok, so I have another problem, I have a laptop here and it randomly BSoD's on me. We installed new RAM in it around February of this year and it started having problems last week.

    Now I ran Memtest86+ on it, a few test, and no errors showed, but I do believe it could still be the RAM, it happends so randomly and it can be a few minutes or hours before I see it happend again.

    It's not windows and its not the harddrive as I've reinstalled windows on another drive and it still does it.

    I did a stress test overnight, came back and it was in sleep mode, took it out and said updates need to be applied please restart, I just clicked on the screen and another BSoD. I used BlueScreenVeiwer and it always says ntoskrnl.exe is in the faulty stack. It is part of windows core so it is always running, and like I said, reinstalled windows, same problem.

    Also sometimes get win32k.sys file.

    Right now I am running 1 stick of RAM, 1gb. and it seems to be stable for about hour, maybe hour and a half. I just wanted to see if anyone else has come across this problem and has an idea as to what causes it. Did lots of google searches, found software issues (eliminated that one with reinstall) RAM, but not sure if it could be other hardware.

    Running Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit with 2gb ram (1Gig right now though for testing) its a Toshiba Satellite A200-AH3, any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    If you are running stable with one memory module, swap with the one you took out and see if the BSOD reoccurs. If so, the last memory module is bad
  3. ComputerGuy55

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    Yeah I figured that, but like I said, it could run for hours (all last night from 5:30 - 9:00am) I took it out of sleep mode Then it crashed. So it will take awhile till I can narrow it down to just RAM. But so far so good, had another BSoD this morning after the 9:00am one, was at 10:35, it had 2 sticks of RAM in it then. Also I had it BSoD on me when it was just sitting there, I was on another computer, looked over at it, was just sitting on My Compter not doing anything then it blue screened..

    Not sure what causes it exactly, maybe I'll just try and fill the RAM with programs and see what happends.
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