BSOD/mem dump from WinAntiVirus install

By jerseyjeff
Jul 22, 2007
  1. My daughter apparently installed a new program when I wasn't around, and it keeps crashing the computer. It's called WinAntiVirus which I'm sure is bogus, but I keep getting the message that there is spyware on the computer, which I'm sure there is, but it won't let me delete it, it just keeps going to BSOD memory dump and trying to reboot. I tried to reboot in safe mode, but I wasn't able to boot up. I want to delete this program and run AdAware to get rid of whatever is on there, but I think I need to boot up off the OS Cd, which is WIndows XP. The machine is a Dell laptop. How can I boot up around this malware, delete it, and then clean up the hard drive? Help me please....
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    I assume you tried the "System Restore" option.

    There`s a good page HERE giving you all your other options.
  4. jerseyjeff

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    thank you

    thank you 44 and po. I already did a clean install, having no other options. I couldn't even boot up in safe mode. I have gently spoken to my daughter about trying to install software off the web. luckily there wasn't anything terribly valuable on the machine we needed. but what a pain. I will visit the other forums for spyware tips and thanks again....
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