BSOD on two computers using same router

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Aug 30, 2011
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  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased an HP DV6TSE and have had it for about a month. I have webroot anitvirus software.

    My computer was acting glitchy so I rebooted and walked out of the room, upon returning there was a BSOD. That said: "DRIVER_STATE_POWER_FAILURE" (I attatched a picture of the screen that I took with my phone, if any needed info is unclear, please let me know). The kicker is that a family members laptop has been showing the same BSOD for a long time (monthes, if not over a year).

    The said computers share a wirless connection and some of the data on both of them are from an older family computer. Other than that, there are really no common factors that I can think of that could have incited this issue.

    Do any of you know what could be causeing this or how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. Route44

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    A driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state. Typically occurs during events that involve power state transitions, such as shutting down, or moving into or out of standby or hibernate mode.

    If you can...

    How to find and post your Minidump Files:

    My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

    It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don’t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don’t Zip each one individually.
  3. aceofspades991

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    OK, here it is, there was only one, but the size was to large to upload, so I zipped it. If I did this wrong pls let me know. Thanks for taking the time to help!

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  4. Route44

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    The dump cited the MS driver HDAudbus.sys which is a Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver. Without it, programs such as 'SoundMAX' will not load.

    What are you using for sound, i.e. onboard or a dedicated card?
  5. aceofspades991

    aceofspades991 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I looked at my invioce under audio and it says "beats" audio. I didn't pay for an upgrade (and this is a laptop) so I'm assuming its integrated? Sorry for my ignorance, but I read over the specs on hp and and I can't find specific info on wether it is integrated or not. Its a dv6tse product LT070AV
  6. Route44

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    It is onboard. Go to HP's website, find your exact system model and update the latest audio, wireless, and video drivers for your system; tell us if this brings stability.

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